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Parsifal Unvelied: Hymn of the Grail

Hymn of the Grail

From that delectable and pleasant bath, the litter of the king is shown passing by towards the castle of Monsalvat.

The venerable elder Gurnemanz joins the escort, kindly inviting the young man to the sacred feast.

It is necessary for the boy to also receive the benefits of the Grail…

“I scarcely stir; yet, I sense that all things move apace.” says Parsifal.

The elder, grown white with wisdom, answers with great assertion, “You see, my son, here time is one with space…”

Time in itself is the fourth dimension. This is clear…

Parsifal Unvelied: The Holy Relic

The Holy Relic

When the hindmost notes of those delectable chants expire in the mystery, and when all the august knights of divine aspect have taken their places abreast the sacred tables, an imposing silence is kept…

A stupendous vision, completely naked, was advancing with a whiteness of entranced and fatal spikenards…

An exotic mystery…

The voice of the aged Titurel is heard in the profound background as if emerging from a dark tomb…

He imperatively commands his son to reveal the Holy Grail so that he can contemplate it for the last time.

Amfortas resists him and says, 

Parsifal Unvelied: Bayreuth


It is for the good of the great cause to know that Wagner prohibited the representation of his Parsifal anywhere other than the marvelous theater of Bayreuth…

We already stated with much assertion that after the legal terms were dissolved, Parsifal was known in all of the theaters of Europe…

Regarding the truth, we must be very frank. Indeed, it is lamentable that the widow and son of Wagner, along with other German musicians, wanted to modify the law in relation with the intellectual property, with the evident purpose of limiting the representation of Parsifal exclusively to the old theater of Bayreuth… It is clear that these sincerely mistaken ones did not attain their aforementioned purpose. It is unquestionable that pain for some is happiness for others. The failure of these well intentioned people had formidable international repercussions among the public of Europe, who were not deprived of knowing this great work.

Parsifal Unvelied: The Mercury of the Secret Philosophy

The Mercury of the Secret Philosophy

In these moments of mysterious joy, it is not irrelevant to remember that sublime poem of Horace, the author of the Epodes and the Satires, which saw the light between the years 35 and 30 B.C.


Mercuri, facunde nepos Atlantis, 

Qui feros cultus hominum recentum 

Voce formasti catus et decorae 

More palaestrae, 

Te canam, magni Iovis et deorum 

Nuntium curvaeque lyrae parentem, 

Callidum quidquid placuit iocoso 

Condere furto. 

Te, boves olim nisi reddidisses 

Per dolum amotas, puerum minaci 

Voce dum terret, viduus pharetra 

Risit Apollo. 

Parsifal Unvelied: The Marvelous Swastika

The Marvelous Swastika

Without a doubt, the sacred pool, the initiatic lake, representing the divine mysteries in the dominions of the Holy Grail, is the Mercury of the secret philosophy. It is the liquid, flexible, malleable glass contained within our sexual glands.

Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Aureolus Paracelsus) states that within the ens seminis is found the whole ens virtutis of the fire.

After the radiant sun and its tongues of ardent fire (which sparkle within the ineffable orchestration of the spheres), the Mercury of the secret philosophy, the ens seminis, the chaotic water of the first instant, the feminine eternal element, the great Mother or nourishing Cow, is the very living foundation of all cosmic life.