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Tarot and Kabbalah: Arcanum 14

Arcanum 14

The profound wisdom of the Fourteenth Arcanum is classically divided into three parts:

  1. Transmutation of the creative energy
  2. Transformation
  3. Transubstantiation

We are going to study each one of these parts separately.


The mixture of the elixirs of man and woman, the red and the white, results in the origin of the “Elixir of Longevity.” We have the concrete case of Nicholas Flamel and his spouse Perenelle, who at the present time live physically in India. They have the “Elixir of Longevity.” Paracelsus, at the present time, lives on a mountain in Bohemia, within a temple which is in the Jinn State. Those who posses the “Elixir of Longevity” know how to live as vagabonds.

The great Master Sanat Kumara, founder of the College of Initiates of the White Lodge, lives in an oasis in the Gobi desert; his body is not from the planet Earth. He is from the planet Venus. He came during the time of Lemuria in a cosmic ship. He is one of the four Shaddai, one of the four Thrones, one of the four Kumaras. He is working by helping all of those who are on the path. He helps intensely. He lives together with a Lemurian Guru. He is mentioned in very ancient scriptures where they called him the Great Immolated One. Today he is immortal.

This “Elixir of Longevity” is a metaphysical and electric substance. When somebody receives it, it remains deposited in the vital body. Whosoever receives this “Elixir of Longevity” has the right to live for one thousand years, although the initiate can prolong this amount of time. Thus, Sanat Kumara has already lived for three million years. To acquire the “Elixir of Longevity,” the transmutation of the sacred fire is necessary.


The second part of the Fourteenth Arcanum refers to the transformation of the energies. One type of energy can be transformed into another, for example, hatred into love.

Many forms of energetic transformations exist. It is known in esoteric wisdom that the initiate must be transformed into a bird, into a sparrow hawk with a human head. When the “I” is dissolved, the consciousness is free, thus, transformed into birds, we penetrate into the World of the Dead who are living. Thus, we can fly over the seas and go across the mountains.

We need to be transformed into serpents of wisdom or “Nagas.” We need to be transformed into crocodiles. If we want to ascend, we must first “submerge ourselves into the depth of the abyss.” This is the law. The Twice-born must be transformed into true, dead, esoteric Adepts of mystical death. This is something transcendental. One can be an Adept, but previously one has to have descended and destroyed the ego. Otherwise one is transformed into a Hasnamuss with a double center of gravity.

A Hasnamuss is someone who has built the solar bodies but who has not passed through the philosophical death of the Masters, and so in this way the Hasnamuss polarizes as an individual with a double center of gravity. Thus, the Hasnamuss has two personalities: one angelic personality and the other a demonic personality. This type of being is called an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a false project.

The adept must pass through the ascension after having lived all of the drama of the crucifixion. The adept must live this ascension as the Master Jesus lived it, and this ascension must be performed through all of the nine heavens:

1. Moon

2. Mercury

3. Venus

4. Sun

5. Mars

6. Jupiter

7. Saturn

8. Uranus

9. Neptune

The initiate has to pass through these planets after having lived the drama of the dissolution of the ego. The initiate is transformed into the crocodile Sebek, for the purification and elimination of the different egos. This is because in order to ascend up to the respective heavens of each planet, one has to descend into their respective atomic infernos. The two last planets do not have infernos.

The initiate leaves the body of desires, the astral lunar body, in the infernos of the Moon. In the infernos of Mercury the initiate leaves Cain, the mind, to then ascend to the Mercurian heavens. Thus, likewise, the initiate has to be converted into a crocodile seven times by descending seven times, in order to ascend seven times up to the heavens.

All of this process is in order to be liberated from the laws of the solar system; after this, the initiate has to be liberated from the laws of the galaxy. Posteriorly, the adept must be liberated from the laws of the universes and be transformed into the most pure lotus flower, thus converting the Self into a cosmocreator, meaning a lord creator of universes. Posteriorly, the adept is submerged and absorbed within the bosom of the Absolute.

Transformations of inferior orders exist. Circe transformed men into pigs. The legend states that Apuleius transformed himself into an ass. If one puts the physical body into the fourth dimension by utilizing the “Jinn state,” the physical body can assume any given figure. The physical body can be transformed into a bird, a fish, or whatever is desired. Within the fourth dimension, the physical body is elastic and can be transformed into an animal. The Latin mantras for the transformation are the following: EST SIT, ESTO, FIAT. We can be physically transformed only in the Jinn state.


The Last Supper of the beloved savior of the world comes from archaic epochs. The great Lord of Atlantis also practiced this ceremony as Jesus did.

This is a blood ceremony, a blood pact. Each one of the Apostles put their blood into a cup and then they mixed their blood with the royal blood of the Beloved One within the chalice of the Last Supper (the Holy Grail). Thus, the astral bodies of the Apostles are united with the astral body of Christ, by means of the blood pact. The Apostles drank the blood contained within the chalice and Jesus likewise drank from it.

The Holy Gnostic Unction is united to the Last Supper through the blood pact. When the Christic atoms descend into the bread and the wine, they are actually converted into the flesh and blood of Christ. This is the mystery of the transubstantiation.

The bread and the wine, the seed of wheat and the fruit of the grapevine, must be royally transformed into the flesh and blood of the intimate Christ.

The Solar Logos with its powerful life makes the seed of wheat germinate in order for the stalks to grow from millimeter to millimeter. The Solar Logos then becomes enclosed within the dark hardness of this grain which is like a precious coffer. The enchanted germ of the sacred stalk has its intimate exponent in the human seed.

The solar rays which penetrate into the stump of life are developed and unfolded in concealment until ripened in the sacred and holy fruit of the grapevine. This is an emblem of life that manifests itself with all of its splendor in the substance.

The Gnostic priest perceives this cosmic substance of the Sun-Christ which is enclosed in the bread and wine when he is in the state of ecstasy. The priest unbinds this substance from its physical elements in order for the Christic atoms to victoriously penetrate within the human organisms.

When Jesus established the Gnostic school he cut the bread and said unto everyone, “Take, eat this is my body,” and he gave the wine and said, “Drink ye all of it, for this is my blood.” [Matthew 26:26-28] “He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.” [John 6:56]

During the Gnostic ritual, we put ourselves in communication with the world of the Solar Logos, with the Egyptian “Ra,” with Tum. This last word is very important; it has three aspects which represent the three primary forces:

T: The Father

U: The Son

M: The Holy Spirit

This is a powerful mantra. When pronouncing it, the forces of the Logos are attracted towards us. In the instant when the consecration of the bread and wine is performed the Christic atoms descend and are actually transformed into the flesh and blood of Christ. This is achieved by means of a channel which is open and directly communicates with the Logos through the mantra.

When we are in a state of ecstasy during the transubstantiation, Christic atoms of high voltage descend and give us light within the darkness. These Christic atoms help us in the battle against the red demons of Seth. Thus, we make light within the darkness.

We are profound darkness. It is written, “The light emerges from the darkness.” The gods emerged from the abyss and then they lost themselves in the Absolute. Therefore, the abyss is indispensable in order for the gods to exist.

The gods have to know good and evil. The abyss is the cosmic amphitheater where the gods are made. For this reason we need to descend in order to ascend.

The solar Christic atoms, these igneous lights, these secret agents of the Beloved One, work silently within the heart temple in order to invite us over and over again to tread the path that must conduct us into Nirvana. The mysterious help of the Christic atoms stands out at twilight with complete meridian clarity.

And the light shineth within the darkness, and the twelve loaves of hallowed bread of the proposition appeared upon the altar. This manifestation alludes to the twelve zodiacal signs or distinct modalities of cosmic substance. This reminds us of the Twelfth Arcanum, the Magnus Opus, that is, the union of the cross with the triangle.

Regarding the wine, which is derived from the ripe fruit of the grapevine, it is the symbol of the fire, of the blood of life which has manifested in this substance.

It is unquestionable that even though the words vino, vida, vid (wine, life, grapevine) have distinct origins, nonetheless they do not deny having certain symbolic affinities. By no means can the relationship of vino (wine), vis (strength), virtus (moral strength) and virgo (virgin), who is the igneous serpent of our magical powers, be omitted.

The Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) between male and female, Adam-Eve, on the delicious bed of authentic love, keeps truly sublime rhythmic concordances with the mystical agape of the great Kabir, Jesus.

Transforming the bread (seed) into solar flesh, and the exquisite wine into the Christic blood and holy fire, is the most extraordinary miracle of sexual yoga. The golden body of the solar man, the famous “To Soma Heliakon” (the complete synthesis of the Christic vehicles), is the flesh, blood, and life of the Creator Logos or Demiurge.

The living secret crystallization of sexual energy into the resplendent form of that glorious body is only possible with amorous magic.

Einstein, one of the great luminaries of the intellect, wrote a wise statement that states literally: “Matter transforms into energy; energy transforms into matter.”

It is clear that through the Sahaja Maithuna, we can and we must transform the Ens Seminis into energy. To transform the bread into flesh and the wine into royal blood or philosophical and living fire is really the miracle of transubstantiation.

One has to sublimate the sexual energy towards the heart. The communion of bread and wine has the power of sublimating the sexual energy to the heart. We can put a piece of bread and a cup of wine (grape juice) next to our bed, praying and blessing the bread and wine after having worked with the Arcanum A.Z.F. We then eat the bread and drink the wine. The Fourteenth Arcanum transforms the bread and the wine into the blood of Christ. This arcanum charges the bread and wine with Christic atoms which descend from the Central Sun.


- The master who renounces Nirvana for the love of humanity is honored three times.

- The master who renounces Nirvana in order to remain in the physical plane must ask for the Elixir of Longevity.