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Tarot and Kabbalah: Arcanum 15

Arcanum 15

The Fifteenth Arcanum corresponds to that which the Bible points to as Satan, and it also corresponds to that which the Egyptians call Seth in his negative aspect.

If Kabbalistically we add the numbers of the number 15, we have 1 + 5 = 6; we already know that the number six corresponds to sex. This signifies that within sex is a major force that can liberate the human being, but also a major force that can enslave the human being.

Let us remember the Egyptian “constellation of Orion.” It is evident that this constellation is governed by twelve great masters. Esoterically speaking, it is stated that these twelve masters hold hands, but the sixth master is missing; meaning that in order to reach realization of the Self, “we need to lift the veil of Isis,” in other words, the Adamic sexual veil.

One can reach the Final Liberation only by absolutely liberating oneself from sex. Many schools preach that we have to liberate ourselves from sex; nonetheless, they ignore that before this we need to create the solar bodies. What is wrong with this is that it is like saying, “I want to saddle the horse before having it.”

Firstly, the solar bodies must be created, then afterwards sex must be renounced. It is a matter of entitlement, and the things that we are entitled to. In the Work, first comes that which is animal and afterwards that which is spiritual.

The constellation of Orion has a marked influence over the Atomic Star that guides our inner Self. This is the Ain Soph Paranishpanna, our intimate Star. A master once said: “I raise my eyes towards the stars that will come to my rescue; nevertheless, I always guide myself with my Star, which I carry within my inner Self.”

The Fifteenth Arcanum of the Tarot is the “pluralized I.” Esoterically speaking, it is named Satan.

The sign of the infinite [] is very important. Eight Kabirs correspond to this sign who govern all creation, all of nature. They are the rectors of the universal life which governs our planet Earth. They have their antitheses who are the eight hierarchs of the Black Lodge, meaning the eight anti-Kabirs: two towards the East, two towards the West, two towards the North, two towards the South. We mention them because they belong to the Fifteenth Arcanum; they belong to Typhon Baphomet, to Satan. The esotericist must know how to defend himself from those eight Kabirs. We have the conjurations and all of the esotericism of High Magic for this objective.

Those who work with High Magic need to protect themselves with the magical circle. They must know how to utilize the sacred viper that makes the tenebrous flee. The ancient Egyptians knew how to project this viper through the heart. One must know how to invoke Ra in order to defend oneself from the eight anti-Kabirs of the Black Lodge, because in the same way that there are adepts who are crystallizations of the White Lodge, likewise there are adepts who are crystallizations of the Black Lodge. They are adepts of the left-hand path, and they are filled with power.

Tenebrous adepts of this type crystallize through Black Tantra. There exists in Black Tantra the same connection of the lingam-yoni, but with the spilling of the Ens Seminis. The eight anti-Kabirs are the eight types of negative and fatal crystallizations of the Hydrogen SI-12 which is in the Ens Seminis.

It is said that when an adept wins the battle, the adept is sheltered in the Eye of Horus and covered by a triple veil. The adept remains protected with this veil from the red demons of Seth. These demons can no longer harm the adept. The adept becomes invisible to the red demons. These red demons are nothing but the “pluralized I” of each one of us, which are legions of demons. There is no doubt that all of these devils are living personifications of our errors and psychological defects.

It is good to know that the most difficult demon to defeat among all of these demons is the demon of lust. This is the main defect represented in the Fifteenth Arcanum of the Tarot as sexual passion or lust.

The Fifteenth Arcanum represents “Passion,” because this passion is based on the modus operandis of the Luciferic fire. Passion constitutes the functionalism of that fire.

In synthesis, two great fires exist: the sacred fire of Kundalini that ascends through the dorsal spine, and the Kundabuffer that descends, precipitating downwards towards the infernos.

Kundalini is the serpent of bronze that healed the Israelites in the wilderness, the serpent which Moses rose upon the staff. The Kundabuffer fire is the tempting serpent of Eden, which descends downwards towards the atomic infernos of the human being. In Egyptian wisdom, this tempting serpent receives the name of Apep. In the rituals of ancient Egypt, Apep was portrayed in wax and with its head aiming downwards. Thus, they exorcised it and conjured it.

The initiate must fight against this tempting serpent of sexual passion, against this horrible Apep. The initiate must fight to the death.

This negative fire of Apep is the negative aspect of Prakriti, in other words Kali. Kali assumes the aspect of a horrible viper which is writhing in the mud (see the life of Krishna). If we want to defeat this viper in the cosmos, we must first defeat it within ourselves.

The living foundation of animal passion is within this Luciferic fire or the serpent Apep. The crystallization of this negative Luciferic fohat (fire) is personified in those red demons, in that pluralized “I.” The red demons of Seth exist within this sexual Luciferic fire.

If we want to dissolve the “I,” we must start by terminating lust. If the water is taken away from the fish of the sea they will die. If the Luciferic fire is taken away from our “I’s,” these psychological “I’s” will die. We must stop the nourishment from which they live.

The atomic infernos of the human being are a reality. Wars are won in the battlefields; we must win those battles against the red demons. The Fifteenth Arcanum signifies the work with the demon which is performed by means of the phallus/Osiris and the uterus/Isis. The phallus and uterus are in possession of Satan or Seth. The phallus of the gods is of pure gold.

It is necessary to eradicate all of that which has a taste of animal passion.

In the ancient mysteries among the illuminated Gnostic-Rosicrucians, a ceremony of initiation existed in which the blindfolded neophyte, when being submitted to certain ordeals, was guided to a certain place. The most interesting point during this ordeal was when the veil was removed from him and suddenly he was in an illuminated room. All the initiates were in the center of the room around a male goat. The Pentalpha was shining between the huge horns of this male goat. The neophyte was then commanded to go and kiss the devil’s behind, in other words the tail. When going around to the animal’s back, he would suddenly find a beautiful lady who would welcome him. She would hug him and kiss him on the forehead. He was then triumphant. However if he was opposed to this act then he would fail, and he would be taken out of the precinct without the neophyte ever knowing the secret.

The lady who would kiss him represented Isis, the Divine Mother. She kissed him on the forehead, like saying unto him: The hour of working with the sacred serpent has arrived. One must steal the fire from the devil, from the male goat, by means of the transmutation of the vile metals into gold in order to convert ourselves into gods. This is the mystery of Alchemy. This male goat has to be eliminated. Each defect must be transformed, must be killed, in order for a virtue to be born. Behold here the reason for the phrase, “Solve et Coagula.” The gods emerge from the abyss and they become lost in the Absolute.

The magician carries the power in the sexual organs because within these the Laboratorium Oratorium of the Third Logos resides.


- Millions of Black Lodges exist in the world of Assiah.

- The most dangerous black magicians of the universe exist within the mental world.

- Every occultist who recommends the seminal ejaculation is a black magician.

- Every fornicator is a black magician. Every association of fornicators forms Black Lodges.

- Our disciples must learn to conjure the tenebrous in order to make them flee with fear. The Conjurations of the Four and Seven must be utilized.

- The tenebrous must be conjured with the sword.