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Tarot and Kabbalah: Arcanum 16

Arcanum 16

The Sixteenth Arcanum is the Fulminated Tower, which in Kabbalah is known as the Tower of Babel. The Bible refers to this Tower of Babel. The falling of the initiated from this Tower, where the initiate forms the inverted pentagram in his downfall, is observed.

The sacred sign of the infinite represents the brain, the heart, and sex. If sex dominates the brain, then the downfall occurs—the Fulminated Tower, the inverted star of five points, the upside-down pentagram; then the human being with the head aiming downwards and with the two legs aiming upwards is precipitated to the bottom of the abyss. Let us remember the sacred statement, “The infinite is equal to the pentalpha.”

If we carefully analyze the Sixteenth Arcanum, it invites us to reflect: who are the ones that fall? They are those who spill the Glass of Hermes. This is why Krumm-Heller stated: “One must carefully raise the cup aloft.” He was referring to the “sacred wine.”

In archaic epochs, in ancient Lemuria, I attained the Elixir of Longevity. This Elixir is based on the primordial substance that can grow new life, fresh and green again. It is the “nectar of the gods.” Paracelsus named this substance “Ens Seminis” within which the “Ens Virtutis” is enclosed.

In the continent “Mu,” or Lemuria, which was situated in the gigantic Pacific Ocean, the White Brotherhood granted unto me this “marvellous Elixir,” the “gift of Cupid” with which one can preserve the physical body for millions of years. I preserved my physical body for thousands of years in Atlantis; I was an immortal. But, the same thing that happened to the Count Zanoni happened unto me when starting the first Aryan subrace. The Count Zanoni fell in love with a chorus girl in Naples and his immortal body was taken from him because of this.

This is how I was left reincarnating myself in distinct bodies until this present time, when I have risen again.

One must attain a transformation by means of Nu, the Divine Mother; with her help we can eliminate the whole of that conjunction of tenebrous entities, Satan... Nu can radically and in a definitive way transform us.

It is necessary to perform a complete transformation. Let our head and our countenance be from Ra, and our body, our hands, and our legs be from Tum.

Ra is the Father.

Tum is the body of the Father.

Tum is a terribly divine mantra and must never be pronounced in vain or played with, because our Father who is in secret descends immediately from where ever He might be.

We must convert ourselves into workers of the Great Work of the Father. Ra is the Christ, is life; Ra is the Second Logos. Tum is the Father, the First Logos.

Fire acts and descends when pronouncing TUM. This is a mantra of immense magical sacerdotal power.

We can incarnate the Father only when we have developed the seven degrees of the power of the fire. It is clear that the initiate falls if he violates his vows of chastity.

If we Kabbalistically add the numbers of the Sixteenth Arcanum: 1 + 6 = 7, we find the seven degrees of the power of fire, the seven ladders of the mind. If the initiate falls, then the initiate is fulminated by the Sixteenth Arcanum and rolls downward on those stepladders of the mind. In occult science, it is stated that the initiate is left without INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra), meaning the initiate is a failure. This is then the Fulminated Tower.

Woe unto those who remain without INRI; they are falling downwards from the Tower. The victorious ones, those who achieve the Second Birth, enter into the Order of Melchizedeck, into the Order of Keb, the genie of the Earth.

In order for the lunar bodies to remain within the Amenti, one must die, die, and die. The new comes only through death.

The true defunct initiates are those who really have killed the “I” and have taken possession of the Two Earths. They can enter into Amenti or here at will. This is why it is said that the initiate is made King and Priest of the Earth in accordance with the Order of Melchizedeck. It is clear that if the initiate lets himself fall, then he looses the scepter of command and is precipitated downwards from the tower. Every one of us must fight on the esoteric path, even the Twice-born. There are initiates whose throats are stagnant; thus the battle is strong. The more exalted the initiate is, the more terrible and deep is the downfall.

We must be careful of the nourishment that the mind receives, careful with newspapers, television, and movies. We must verbally and mentally transmute the seed with sepulchral offerings. In other words, we must not nourish ourselves with refuse, because this is worthless. Bad literature, bad movies, bad television, bad words, are rotten for the mind. We must not forget that we have a very terrible legion of devils, which is “Kali,” the abominable Kundabuffer organ, the frightful “Apopi” serpent. People are victims of Kali, the tempting serpent of which the Hindus speak.

The initiate who allows himself to fall loses his crown and sword. The pineal gland, the Sahasrara chakra, is the crown. The sword is the flaming sword which we must place at the feet of Osiris.

The four secret occult pillars are granted unto the triumphant and victorious one. These four secret occult pillars grant power to the initiate over the four regions of the cosmos:

1. life

2. submerged mineral region

3. molecular region

4. electronic or spiritual world

By delving more profoundly into esotericism, we will find that the midbrow, the third eye, the center of clairvoyance, is the Eye of Horus. Horus is in himself the Innermost, our Divine Being, who is within the arms of our Divine Mother.

The falcon is the symbol of Horus. The Falcon of Gold strengthens Horus (pronounced “Aurus”) with the complete death of ourselves. This Falcon of Gold is related with the sunrise. We must be in contact with the spiritual sun.

We need to strengthen Horus so that we may have the right to ask unto him to strengthen our three brains:

  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Motor

We need to strengthen our three brains for the battle.


- When the Astral Light is coagulated in a flower, we fall in love with the flower. If the Astral Light is accumulated within a woman, then men fall in love with this woman.

- The man who lives bewitched by many women does not stop being a weak little bird fulminated by the bewitching eyes of she, the tempter of the Astral Light.

- The sorcerers of the Astral Light are dangerous.

- “Woe unto the Samson of the Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by Delilah! The Heracles of science who exchanges his royal sceptre for the distaff of Omphale will soon experience the vengeance of Dejanira, and nothing will be left for him but the pyre of Mount Oeta in order to escape the devouring folds of the coat of Nessus.” - Eliphas Levi