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The Major Mysteries: Clue for the Awakening of the Consciousness during Normal Sleep

Clue for the Awakening of the Consciousness during Normal Sleep

There is no danger in the projection of the Astral Body, because everybody is projected in their Astral Body during normal sleep. Therefore, whosoever wants to awaken their consciousness during normal sleep must know the clue of discernment.

During normal sleep, every human being wanders in the internal worlds with their consciousness asleep. During normal sleep, the Soul, enveloped by its Astral Body, abandons the physical body. This is how the Ethereal Body is able repair the dense physical body.

We awaken from our natural sleep when the Soul enters into the physical body. In the internal worlds, the Souls are occupied repeating their same daily chores; there, they buy and sell as in the physical world.

During normal sleep, the Souls of the living and the Souls of the dead coexist together. In the internal worlds, we see everything as in the physical world, i.e. the same sun, the same clouds, the same houses of the city: everything looks the same.

Now, our Gnostic disciples will understand why the souls of the dead do not accept that they are physically dead. Likewise, our disciples will comprehend why the Souls of the living buy and sell, work, etc., during their normal sleep.

By consciously projecting ourselves in the Astral Body, we can know about the mysteries of life and death, since every human being is unconsciously projected in the Astral Body during normal sleep. Therefore, if we awaken the consciousness during normal sleep, then we can know about the great mysteries of life and death.

A clue exists for the awakening of the consciousness during normal sleep; this clue for the awakening of the consciousness is that of discernment, let us study it:

If while walking on a given street you unexpectedly find a friend or see objects that attract your attention, then perform a little jump with the intention of floating; naturally, logic says that if you float, it is because you are wandering outside of your physical body. However, if you do not float, it is because you are doing the jump with your physical body.

During normal sleep, within the internal worlds, it so happens that we act the same way as we would within the body of flesh and bones, and if we add to this the fact that we see everything the same way as when we are in the physical world, then we will comprehend that it is only if we float or fly that we will be aware of the fact that we are in our Astral Body; we then achieve the awakening of our consciousness.

To that effect, this exercise must be practiced at every moment during the vigil state while in the presence of any intriguing matter, since what we perform during the vigil state we repeat during normal sleep. Thus, when through our subconsciousness we repeat this practice during normal sleep, then when performing the jump, the outcome will be that we will float in the Astral Body. This is how our consciousness will awaken and filled with happiness we will say: "I am in my Astral Body...!"

Thus, we can direct ourselves to the Holy Gnostic Church in order to converse with the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Prophets, Masters, etc. This is how we receive instruction from the great Masters of the White Lodge. This is how we can travel in the Astral Body throughout the infinite.

So, we do not need to destroy our minds with so many books and theories, since within the internal worlds we can receive the teachings from the Masters.

When awakening from normal sleep, disciples must exert themselves to remember everything that they saw and heard during their normal sleep.

It is also necessary that our disciples learn how to interpret their internal experiences. To that effect, study the book of Daniel in the Bible; there, you will learn how to interpret internal experiences.

The slumber state and memory are the powers that allow us to know the great mysteries of life and death.

Dreams are "Astral experiences."

Dreams are reality.