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The Major Mysteries: The Hill of Chapultepec

The Hill of Chapultepec

In this chapter, we see a fragment of a native Mexican codex depicting the Hill of Chapultepec. At the top of the hill, we see a grasshopper or cricket. In the august Rome of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at costly prices.

An Aztec temple in "Jinn" State exists within the Hill of Chapultepec. The natives of Mexico would make long mystical pilgrimages to Chapultepec. We must now comprehend why the Aztecs considered this hill to be sacred.

By carefully observing the fragment of the Mexican codex of Chapultepec, we see two human beings floating above the hill. Those two beings are traveling in their Astral Bodies. A human head pronounces a note, represented by two beams of light that come out of his lips. That note is the sibilant and sharp sound of the cricket. That sound is the keynote of the Logos. The Logos sounds.

All of nature is the incarnation of the Word. The keynote of the cricket is the Word. That note is a chorus; our keynote vibrates within that ineffable chorus.

If a musician playing a musical instrument fortuitously played our keynote, we would instantly drop dead. Everything in nature has a keynote.

Whosoever wants to project in their Astral Body at will must enter into the state of slumber while mentally pronouncing the syllable "LA," mentally alternated with the syllable "RA." Pronounce these two syllables mentally and in an alternated and separate manner.

The student must try to listen to the sharp sound of the cricket. Such a sound emerges from within our brain cells. For this, it is necessary to have a serene mind, enough drowsiness, and focused attention on what one is doing.

If this exercise is performed well, then at the moment the student enters into the state of transition that exists between vigil and sleep, the student will sense the sharp sound of the cricket within his brain. The student must then willfully enter a little more into the slumber state and increase the resonance of that sound. Then he will get up from his bed and exit his bedroom, heading towards the Temple of Chapultepec, or towards the Gnostic Church, or to any place he wishes to go.

When we state that the student must get up from his bed, this must be performed with action, since this is not a mental exercise. Indeed, this is not a matter of thinking that one is getting up; the disciple must perform it in action, without thinking.

Thus, when getting up from his bed, the student must actually do it, because in order for the Astral Body to become free, the physical body must remain in the bed, and Nature will (as usual) perform the separation of the physical and Astral bodies. This is why the student has to just get up from his bed, and that is all.

With this clue, our Gnostic disciples will travel in their Astral Body to the temples of mysteries of the White Lodge.

If our disciples would like to have better concentration, it would be very appealing for them to have a little cricket in their bedrooms. The cricket can be kept in a small cage. This way, by focusing on the cricket's sound, it will resound within our brain sooner. With this clue, we can attend the great temples of the White Lodge.

Whosoever wants to learn occult science has to travel in the Astral Body, because occult science is studied within the internal worlds, and occult science is learned only by personally conversing with the Masters.

The intellectual theories of this physical world are worthless; they only harm the mind and the brain.

The regent of the Temple of Chapultepec is the Master Rasmussen.

Two guardians with flaming swords guard the entrance of the temple. Ancient wisdom is taught within this temple.

The great Masters of the White Lodge assemble in this temple.