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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 14

Preparation for Initiation 14

Esoteric discipline is very demanding, yet we must not confuse sanctity with sanctimoniousness, since the sanctimonious type of person has filled the world with tears. The fanatical, sanctimonious type of person becomes horrified at everything; i.e. a tenebrous, sanctimonious person saw the Mexican sculpture of the Bat God and said that it was related with black magic, since for the sanctimonious type of person even the most divine things are black magic.

Spiritualist devotees criticized the Master Litelantes because she did not comply with their sanctimoniousness. Yes, some sanctimonious women hated her because she did not share in their squawking, chattering as parrots that talk but do not accomplish anything, and which speak about things that they do not understand.

The sanctimonious types are like butterflies that only pay fleeting visits from one school to another, since they are always looking for flowery, comfortable armchairs to rest upon; they sanctimoniously hate Sexual Magic and go around always swarming with fear.

Boldly, the sanctimonious type of person goes inveigled with theories believing that he belongs in the kingdom of the supermen. Yes, the sanctimonious type person is so imbecilic that he would dare to excommunicate Ghandi or even Jesus Christ, if he was to find them eating a piece of meat. This is what the sanctimonious type of person is, always fanatic, always fearful, always a fornicator.

These types of sanctimonious persons always assume that Jesus Christ was a simpleton filled with sanctimoniousness. Yet, those Theosophists, Rosicrucians, and Spiritualist-channelers, etc. of Aquarius who assume this, are mistaken.

Jesus Christ was a remarkable revolutionary, a very severe and solemnly sweet Master. Because this is how sanctity is: severe and sweet.

The authentic saint is a perfect gentleman/lady who totally fulfills the ten commandments of the law of God, and who knows how to handle his sword when necessary, in order to defend good, truth, and justice. The authentic saint never goes around boasting about it, since he is always known by his deeds. “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” [Matthew 7:16]