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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 15

Preparation for Initiation 15

The arrogant and proud clairvoyants slander their fellowmen and fill the world with tears. This is because the turbid waters of a swellheaded spirituality—that is, a mind filled with reasoning, pride, preconceptions, social prejudices, platitudes, anger, egotism, etc.—can only reflect the tenebrous images of the abyss.

The clairvoyant’s mind has to be as serene as a lake from Nirvana so that the entire panorama of the universe can be reflected upon that most immaculate lake.

The silhouettes of trees are reflected upon the surface of the waters, but inverted. Similarly, every Master of glory has also his shadow in the abyss.

Thus, when the clairvoyant’s mind is filled with prejudices, he then takes the shadow for reality. This is how the great Masters of the White Lodge have always been slandered by swellheaded clairvoyants.

The swellheaded clairvoyant rejects the leafy trees of life, because his mind is filled with preconceptions and prejudices that keep him/her enchanted with the tenebrous shadows, which are outlined, inverted, like abysmal demons within the profound bottom of the waters.

This is why many clairvoyants who formerly praised us, later stoned, slandered, and crucified us, when their impressions about us changed due to this or that reason.

Indeed, when our imagination is disturbed by the tempests of reasoning, the starry heaven of the spirit becomes gloomy and then our clairvoyance can take the shadows for reality.

When clairvoyant bodhisattvas fall, they become worse than demons, because the fallen, clairvoyant bodhisattvas believe themselves to be omnipotent and powerful; they become conceited. They confuse what they see clairvoyantly; they take the shadows for reality, and end slandering the great Masters.

A fallen, clairvoyant bodhisattva harms homes, states what he does not know, explains with authority what he does not understand, never accepts his position as a fallen bodhisattva, and ends even believing that he is superior to his Master.

This is why the esoteric discipline is very severe, and also why the clairvoyant must not go around boasting about his visions to others because he will lose his powers.

The clairvoyant must be humble, serene, obedient, meek, chaste, respectful, and moderate in speech. The clairvoyant must be pure in thought, word and action. The clairvoyant must be like a child.