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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 6

Preparation for Initiation 6

Spiritualist schools are full of sincere but mistaken people. Crime is also hidden within the incense of prayer.

Christ was crucified between two thieves. Almost all organizations exploit the Christ. Some exploit him with good intentions and others exploit him with evil intentions; these are the good and the bad thieves.

In France, a scoundrel who devoted himself to carnival astrology and who was a fine beer connoisseur, all of a sudden let his hair and beard grow; he then traveled to Venezuela, where he founded a renowned order of black magic of Aquarius. Thereafter he declared himself to be the very own reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Later, another scoundrel followed his example and declared that he was Saint Peter, and shortly after had the impulse of wandering around in the streets wearing a tunic, cape, and sandals.

These scoundrels appear as unbiased apostles, yet with evil intentions they exploit the name of Christ; thus, with the pretext of founding their “ashrams,” they get a hold of real estate. The henchmen of these scoundrels are very sincere but mistaken people who, regrettably, commit the crime of betraying the Lord of the souls. To exchange the Christ for an impostor is a crime of high treason.

Others think that by affiliating themselves with the Black Lodge called AMORC, which put “initiations” on the market, they will become Rosicrucians. That lodge delivers the word “mathrem” to them as the final synthesis, as the non-plus-ultra of magic; nevertheless, this word is a mantra in order to penetrate into the planes of the Black Lodge. AMORC is a commercial institution; with evil intentions all those people exploit the Christ.

Some devotees who are affiliated with the Theosophical Society do not understand the mystery of Christ; they are just petrified within the theories of the nineteenth century, which are packed with horrible fanaticism and fear. These devotees do not accept anything new and based on pride, arrogance, fanaticism, and terrible fear they think that the final word in knowledge is within their domain. They are people who dangerously and negatively end up exploiting the Christ with good intentions.

The Rosicrucians of Max Heindel are sincere but mistaken devotees, because Heindel did not know the Christic mysteries; consequently they do not know the doctrine of the resplendent “I Am.”

Heindel stated that “an exchange happened at the baptism of Jesus.” He asseverates that Jesus himself, the spirit, left that body and that the Christ Spirit entered into Jesus’ body, which was inhabited and used by Christ during His ministry. This is false, and enough proof that Heindel was absolutely ignorant about the doctrine of the resplendent “I Am.” Heindel did not know what the Crown of Life is, because he did not know about Christic esotericism. Therefore, Heindel is sincere but mistaken and those who follow his mistakes tread on the path of error. “And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the abyss.” - Matthew 15:14

Moreover, the blind leaders of such an institution are fornicators because they ignore the Great Arcanum, and any institution formed by fornicators is a Black Lodge; consequently, they are sincere but mistaken ones with good intentions who exploit the Christ.

There are numerous people with mediumistic faculties within multitudes of spiritualist temples, where multitudes of impostors manifest through the mediumistic faculties of these “channelers.” All of them claim to be “channeling” Jesus Christ and the wretched people firmly believe in such imposters. The abyss is full of tenebrous entities, which manifest themselves through the faculties of the mediums-channelers within these spiritualist temples, where their wretched devotees are sincere but unfortunately mistaken people filled with terrible fanaticism. The leaders of those spiritualist centers exploit the Christ with good intentions.

Multitudes of orders, lodges, schools, and spiritualist centers follow the good thief, and others the bad thief.

Likewise the wealth of the multitudes of religious sects has been amassed by the exploitation of the blood of Christ. The Vatican is filled with riches and the entire amount of wealth of the Vatican has been amassed by the exploitation of the blood of the Martyr of Calvary. Mystics illuminated by the Holy Spirit know by direct experience that Pope Pius XII had the mark of the beast on his forehead and on his hands. Mystics illuminated by the Holy Spirit know by direct experience that Pope Pius XII was a demon from the abyss; yes, he was an incarnated demon, a demon within a body of bones and flesh.

Within the ruins of many catholic convents, several skeletons of newborn children were found; this is known by any stonemason who has worked within the ruins of those convents, where the cloistered devotees mystically killed, adulterated, and fornicated. These cloistered devotees gave birth with Arcanum 15 (carnal passion) and thereafter killed them with Arcanum 13 (death). It is well known that many priests fornicate and adulterate; yes, they corrupt many damsels in their confessionary.

Moreover, to demand payment for a wedding ceremony is a crime against the Holy Spirit, who as love dwells within the church of the heart. This is why to make a business of love is a crime against the Holy Spirit. Those people follow the evil thief.

Multitudes of religious institutions, namely Protestants, Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc., all of them study the Bible at the dead letter and exploit the Christ; they exploit the blood of the Martyr of Calvary.

It so happens that since those wretched people do not know the secret doctrine of the “I Am,” they fall into the most terrible biblical misinterpretations, which are suitable only for Moliere (Jean Baptiste Poquelin 1622-1673) and his infantile cartoons.

Multitudes of organizations are filled with spiritualist intellectualisms. All these wretched people fornicate and are full of pride, fanaticism and fear. All those people exploit the Christ; some exploit Christ as good thieves and others as bad thieves.

They all remained adoring the person of Jesus but rejected his doctrine, the secret doctrine of the “I Am.”

It is difficult to state all of this, yet, it is the truth; it is as bad to talk when one must be silent as to be silent when one must talk. There exist criminal silences as well as indignant worlds.

Notwithstanding, this is why there are many of these Rosicrucian, Theosophist devotees that slander us for being compassionless because we state these truths; nevertheless, these devotees are not cognizant of the crime called “prostitution of spirituality,” which is committed when we mistake sanctity for sanctimoniousness, or when we mistake fraternity for complicity.

Indeed, this is why Sivananda stated that this path is full of dangers within and without. This is the path of the razor’s edge.

Regarding the Luciferic Spirits: Max Heindel and Steiner mistakenly believed that they were the stragglers of life, a wave between Angels and Men; they believed that their abodes were upon the planet Mars (and one thousand other stupidities of the sort). Thus, if our disciples believe in these mistaken assertions of Max Heindel and Steiner, they will eventually confusedly consider that it is okay to become a demon.

The archdemon named Lucifer (the greatest black Initiate from the lunar epoch) and his Luciferic followers are demonic hosts from the abyss; this was ignored by Steiner and Heindel.

Almost all spiritualist schools teach how to develop mental force; they all want to fortify the mind. This is how many end practicing black magic; the mind is the donkey on which we must ride in order to enter into the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The mind (the manas, the man) must debase itself before the majesty of the Innermost. This is ignored by spiritualist devotees, thus, what they always want to do is their own selfish will and never the will of the Father. This is the terrible truth of all these things.

Others deliver themselves to the practice of hypnotism and allege that it is for good. This is how crime dresses as a saint, because Hypnotism is pure and legitimate black magic.

When a new school of black magic is opened, the first victim is the Martyr of Calvary, since they speak in His Name. Thus, their henchmen believe and raise money in His Name, teach their black magic in His Name, close the doors of Eden for others in His Name, seduce naive young ladies in His Name (so that their devotees can mystically commit adultery and fornication in His Name), and obtain real estate in His Name, etc.

Thus, Christ has been a bountiful business for Theosophists, Rosicrucians, etc., and all Aquarian Spiritualists devotees.

The greater part of occultist writers write about what they have read; they repeat the theories of others like parrots. They speak about what they do not know. They say what they do not know. They explain things that they have never experienced. They are filled with intellectual pride, nevertheless, they cynically state, “I am a child. I have no pride. I am very simple, etc.”

Hypocrites, pharisees, whitened sepulchers, generation of vipers. To the abyss! To the abyss! To the abyss!

We had the intention of sending this book to all those schools, yet one of our Gnostic brethren said: “Those schools would not accept it; they would conceal it because it is not to their advantage. Don’t you see that the leaders of those schools are terribly jealous? They live off their schools and groups and fear that their groups might collapse.”

This is what our Gnostic brother told us. Naturally, logic was on his side and we had to accept his concept, since all those people live doing business with the Christ. They live off their business.

Some follow the good thief and others the bad thief; that is the truth. Thus, this is how crime is hidden within the incense of prayer.

There exists a great deal of virtue within the wicked and a great deal of evil within the righteous. The saints have also committed a great deal of evil with their virtues.

Verily, verily, I tell you Gnostic brothers and sisters, that when we do not know how to use virtues, we can cause harm to others with those virtues.

“Love is law, but love with cognizance.”

Complacency with crime is also a crime.