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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 7

Preparation for Initiation 7

In this day and age, the Masonic Lodge grants its degrees based on money and social status. Many sell initiations. Many are bestowed with initiations. Yet, all of this is exploitation and black magic.

Authentic degrees and authentic white initiations are received in the consciousness. These initiatic ceremonies are performed within the superior worlds.

Initiations are intimate realizations of the consciousness, which must not be revealed, or spoken about.

No one can grant initiations to anyone. Initiation is attained through life itself.

In this day and age, everybody wants to be a Master. Notwithstanding, we state that there is only one Master, this is the inner Christ, which enlightens every human being who comes into the world. Thus, only Christ is the Master. Only the resplendent “I Am” is the Master.

Therefore, all initiations of those Theosophical, Rosicrucian, etc., schools, orders, and lodges are from the abyss.

Withdraw from all these dangers of the abyss, withdraw!