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The Three Mountains: The Holy Sepulchre

The Holy Sepulchre

It is written with characters of fire in the Book of Splendors that when Jesus, the great Gnostic priest, exhaled his final breath, the philosophical earth, his very human person, did quake when comprehending the difficult task that destiny reserved for him; and the rocks of the path of the razor’s edge rent, making the path even more difficult. (This is only integrally comprehended by those masters that, after having died within themselves, are preparing themselves for the Resurrection).

As an astrological planet, Mercury is even more mysterious than Venus itself, and is identical to the Mazdeist Mithra. Mercury is Buddha, the Genie or God who is situated between the Sun and the Moon. He is the perpetual companion of the Sun of wisdom.

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The Three Mountains: The Event of Golgotha

The Event of Golgotha

The radiant, inward, and upward ascension of the Seventh Venustic Serpent along the spinal medullar spiritual canal of the divine vehicle (Atman) granted me a vivid experience of the event at Golgotha.

Unquestionably, I need to frankly and plainly utter, to confess, that as a concrete, clear, and definitive fact, I saw myself transformed into the central personage of this “cosmic drama.”

To experience this cosmic event of Calvary within oneself, with all of its crude, transcendental reality, within the “world of the Divine Spirit” (Atman), is certainly extraordinary.

I am not the first one who has vividly experienced this event from the Mount of Skulls, nor will I be the last...

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The Three Mountains: The Beautiful Helen

The Beautiful Helen

The sublime and marvelous inward and upward ascension of the radiant sixth serpent along the spinal medullar canal of my buddhic body gave me, as a fact and by my own right, open passage into the Sixth Venustic Initiation...

In that epoch, I had to vividly experience in the buddhic or intuitional universal world some transcendental chapters of the Christic gospel... 

I want now to refer with vast delicacy to certain secret and marvelous passages which were intentionally eliminated from the original text by scribes and doctors of the law.

Certainly, it is lamentable that the Hebraic Holy Bible was so cruelly mutilated, adulterated, deformed...

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The Three Mountains: The Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives

As a fact, the marvelous inward and upward ascension of the Fifth Serpent of Light along the spinal medullar canal of the causal body granted me open access into the initiatic mysteries of the fifth degree of the Venustic wisdom.

If I write in detail all of that which I then learned in the thirty-three holy chambers of the causal world, it is obvious that I would fill immense volumes.

There, as a causal man seated with much humility, I crossed my arms over my chest in order to assist in the final ceremony...

Unfortunately, I had the wrong custom of crossing my arms in such a way that the left was always over the right...

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The Three Mountains: Jerusalem


The experience of the crude, evangelical reality of the great Kabir Jesus’ magisterial entrance into Jerusalem was granted to me, thanks to the inward and upward development, the revolution and ascension, of the Fourth Venustic Serpent along the medullar canal of the mental body.

Then, I could directly verify for myself the inferior (inferno) and superior (heaven) aspects of the mental world.

Unquestionably, that great harlot of all fatalities, the great, apocalyptic whore whose number is 666, is horrifyingly devolving within the mental infernos...

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