Igneus Rose: Dreams and Astral Experiences

Dreams and Astral Experiences

1. We finish the first part of this work by inviting all human beings to receive the direct knowledge.

2. Most students are already so separated from nature that when they talk about astral experiences, they fall into the horrible aberration of wanting to establish an abyss between astral experiences and their dreams.

3. These students despise their dream experiences, without realizing that their dreams are indeed the very astral experiences that they are looking for.

4. They fall into the same error—or similar error—of wanting to establish an abyss between clairvoyance and imagination.

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Igneus Rose: The Seven Centers of the Heart

The Seven Centers of the Heart

1. There are seven divine centers in the human heart, and as the initiate reaches each of the great initiations of Major Mysteries, he penetrates into each of these cardiac centers.

2. The initiate has access to each of these centers in each of the seven great initiations of Major Mysteries.

3. In the First Initiation of Major Mysteries, the initiate has the right to enter the first center; with the Second he enters the second; with the Third, in the third; with the Fourth, in the fourth; with the Fifth, in the fifth; with the Sixth, in the sixth; and with the Seventh, in the seventh.

4. A mount of immaculate whiteness with the figure of a pyramid is presented before you. Now, sibling, enter this sacred chamber where the image of the Crucified One shines. You have penetrated into this center before, but now you are entering into it for the fourth time, and in a very elevated form.

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Igneus Rose: The Eighth Chamber

The Eighth Chamber

1. Knock strongly on your temple, oh arhat!

2. Be joyful, sibling of mine, be joyful since you have reached the goal of your heart.

3. The specialist who awoke your fourth serpent and who with supreme efforts, wisely conduced your serpent to those sacred centers of your heart, has been paid.

4. Every work must be paid for, and your specialist has been paid for this grandiose service, which is to have wisely conduced your serpent from the coccyx to the ineffable chambers of your heart.

5. Only unselfish service, chastity, and sanctity take us to the ineffable summits.

6. Now, sibling of mine, you have seen what the great service is.

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Igneus Rose: The Seventh Chamber

The Seventh Chamber

1. You are now before the door of the seventh chamber, oh arhat!

2. This chamber is symbolized by the Seventh Arcanum of the Tarot: The Chariot of War.

3. Remember your first love, sibling of mine. Remember your Divine Mother, the blessed goddess mother of the world, who you abandoned when you ate the forbidden fruit.

4. Did she indeed not love you? What were you lacking, sibling of mine? Why did you abandon your mother?

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Igneus Rose: The Sixth Chamber

The Sixth Chamber

1. You are now descending little by little, sibling of mine, through the interior of your temple, from the tower to the heart.

2. You are seated at the window of the base of your tower.

3. You are in the interior of your temple, sibling of mine, and you descend little by little from the cupola to the sacred sanctuary of your heart.

4. The profundity of the floor of the temple is seen from the height of the internal window...

5. The height causes vertigo, sibling of mine...

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