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Igneus Rose: Introduction to Igneous Rose

Introduction to Igneous Rose

I, Aun Weor, great avatar [messenger] of the new Age of Aquarius, write this ardent book within the voracious fire...

We are now going to enter the igneous womb of the mother goddess of the world.

Agni! Agni! Agni! God of fire, help us, inspire us, and lead us through these igneous labyrinths of great nature.


Igneus Rose: A Queen of the Fire

A Queen of the Fire

1. We have now entered a medieval palace. A child plays in this ancient palace.

2. The child climbs on a ladder. We must become children in order to climb the ladder of wisdom.

3. A queen of the fire lives within this ancient palace. She is the elemental queen of the juniper tree, who was incarnated in a physical body in an ancient medieval court.

4. She is a moderate magician. She is an austere magician dressed in a medieval style. This elemental queen has a beautiful, youthful appearance. She lives a very exemplary life in this ancient feudal palace.

Igneus Rose: The Arhat’s Seven Candlesticks

The Arhat’s Seven Candlesticks

1. Hear me, brothers and sisters of the Third Initiation of the Major Mysteries. It is to you that I speak.

2. The hour has arrived in which the seven candlesticks of the mental body must be lit.

3. “Ere the gold flame can burn with steady light, the lamp must stand well guarded in a spot free from all wind.” — Bhagavad-gita

4. All terrestrial thoughts must fall dead before the doors of the temple.

Igneus Rose: The Pumpkin Gourd

The Pumpkin Gourd

1. Let us now enter the temple, oh arhat, in order to officiate with the pumpkin gourd.

2. Revest yourself with your white mantle and tunic, and approach the altar, oh arhat!

3. We can work with the multitudes with the powers of the elemental of the pumpkin gourd.

4. The elemental of the pumpkin gourd has terrific powers over the multitudes.

Igneus Rose: The Guardian of the Mind

The Guardian of the Mind

1. The mind lives reacting against the impacts that come from the exterior world. One must control these reactions of the mind by means of willpower.

2. If one throws a rock into a lake, then one will see crystalline waves extending from the center to the periphery. The waves become the reaction of the water against the rock.

3. If someone insults us, then we feel anger. This anger is a reaction to the words of the insulter.

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