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Spiritual Power of Sound: The Hidden Levels of the Subconsciousness

The Hidden Levels of the Subconsciousness

Not long ago, on a certain autumn night, a Gnostic student said to his Master, “I am no longer interested in attaining the realization of my Self, nor to perfect myself; the only thing I am interested in is to work for the liberation of the proletariat. Apart from that… to the Devil with all of us.”

The Master responded, “Water and soap do not harm anybody. You can continue working for the proletariat, but wash yourself well, with a lot of soap.” The student understood the parable of the Master and kept a respectful silence.  

There are people who clean the outside of themselves—they do not eat meat, they do not drink, they do not smoke, they boast of being chaste—but they have wet dreams at night.

Spiritual Power of Sound: The Chinese Master Han Shan

The Chinese Master Han Shan

A summary of the autobiography of the Chinese Master named Han Shan has arrived to us, which is worth commenting about for the best comprehension of this 1965-1966 Christmas Message.

The Master Han Shan was born in Chuan Chia in the beautiful Chinese region of Nanking. In dreams, the Divine Mother announced to a very humble woman from that region that she would conceive a child, and indeed she conceived a beautiful child that was born the 12th of October of 1545; that child was the great Chinese Master named Han Shan.

When the child was a few years old, he caught a very critical sickness that nearly killed him. His humble mother, filled with faith, prayed to the Divine Mother Kundalini (Guanyin), promising Her with all of her heart that if the child recovered she would place him in a monastery and allow him to become a monk. Thus, when the child recovered, his beloved mother registered his name (“Heshang,” Buddhist monk) at the Longevity Buddhist Monastery.