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Spiritual Power of Sound: The Revolution of the Consciousness

The Revolution of the Consciousness

The revolution of the consciousness is the Fifth Gospel.

We urgently need a radical, total, and definitive change. This is only possible by means of the revolution of the consciousness.

The realization of the Inner Self is only possible in isolated individuals, with the help of knowledge and suitable methods. Such an inner revolution can only happen within the individual, and is in fact contrary to the interests of Nature.

Spiritual Power of Sound: Nature


The wretched intellectual animal falsely called “human being” can develop all of his hidden possibilities—if this is what he wants—nonetheless, the development of all those possibilities is not really a law. The law for the human machine is to be born, to grow, to reproduce, and to die within the vicious circle of the mechanical laws of Nature.

Jesus Christ, whose nativity we celebrate December 25th with rituals and festivity, said the following in Luke 13:24:

“Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.”

Spiritual Power of Sound: Abuse of Sex

Abuse of Sex

On this Christmas 1965-1966, it is urgent for us to comprehend in an integral manner the necessity of liberating ourselves from this world of 48 laws in which we live, if what we want is to not degenerate and fall into the horrifying world of 96 laws. Indeed, the study of the 48 laws in which we live is a very profound study. If we want to liberate ourselves from the 48 laws, then we must study these laws within ourselves.

In the beginning, we comprehend that we are controlled by innumerable laws that were created by ourselves and by the people who surround us. Later we will comprehend that we are enslaved by these laws. Thus, when we began to liberate ourselves from all of those boring laws created by society, it is clear that our fellowmen become our enemies, because of the fact that we no longer coincide with them in regard to their mistaken manner of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Spiritual Power of Sound: The “I” and the Being

The “I” and the Being

In regards to psychological subject-matter, we must make a precise differentiation between the “I” and the Being. The “I” is not the Being, nor the Being is the “I.” Regardless, everybody says, “my Being.” Everybody thinks about their Being, yet no one knows what the Being is, thus they end up mistaking the Being for the “I.”

When we knock at a door, if somebody questions us saying, “Who is it?” We always answer saying, “It is ‘I.’” In this we do not commit an error and the answer is exact. But when we say, “My entire being is sad, ill, tired, etc.,” then indeed, we clumsily err because the wretched intellectual animal falsely called “human being” still does not possess the Being.

Spiritual Power of Sound: The Truth

The Truth

Many people believe in God, and many people are atheistic; they do not believe in God. There are also many individuals who neither believe nor do not believe, and try to behave well in life just in case there is God.

We state that a belief in God does not indicate experience of the Truth, that which is called God. We state that to deny God does not indicate experience of That which is the Truth, that which is called God. We state that doubt of the existence of God does not indicate experience of the Truth. We need to experience That, which can transform us radically—That, which many call God, Allah, Tao, Zen, Brahman, INRI, etc.