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Tarot and Kabbalah: Numerological Tablet

Numerological Tablet


This board or plate is very important in order to deeply comprehend the esoteric mysteries. It is a quadrilateral which is divided into nine numbers. There is a vertical and horizontal triple division. The principles of arithmetic and geometry are expressed here.

We find on this tablet individual architecture, the interior universe, which must be built within each one; it is the construction of our interior intimate universe. Cosmic architecture is related with the seven cosmoses of the infinite. Social architecture is related with the construction of our temples, houses, and buildings.

It is necessary to comprehend that this plate is related with the three principles previously mentioned: architecture, geometry, and mathematics. One has to relate with numbers, because the Kabbalah is based upon them.

The square divided into nine parts represents a triple extension, the triplicity of the ternary, or the Ninth Sphere. A lot has been explained about the Ninth Sphere, but it can be demonstrated mathematically. Everything related with the Ninth Sphere or the realization of the Self of the human being can be proven with numbers or esoteric mathematics, which come from remote epochs.


Let us analyze the first vertical ternary:

1 = Monad

4 = Cross

7 = Septenary

One is the Monad, the unity, הוהי Iod-Heve or Jehovah, the Father who is in secret. It is the divine triad that is not incarnated within a master who has not killed the ego. He is Osiris, the same God, the Word. He has his expression in the “4,” because the four is the chariot, the Merkabah of Kabbalah, which is formed with the four bodies:

1. physical body

2. authentic solar astral body

3. authentic solar mental body

4. authentic solar causal body

This is the chariot of the centuries, which assumes the figure of the heavenly human. The Monad expresses himself through the chariot. The Monad travels in it.

The four also represents the four points of the cross, in which are enclosed the mysteries of lingam-yoni. In the crossing of lingam-yoni is found the clue with which the realization of the Self can be achieved. The Monad is self-realized by means of the cross. Without the four there is no realization of the Self, otherwise the law of the ternaries that belongs to esoteric mathematics would be violated.

4 = †

The mysteries of sex are contained within the four.

Masculine + Feminine = †

The self-realization of the Monad is verified in the septenary, the authentic human. The septenary is complete when the seven principles are obtained: the seven christified bodies with the seven developed chakras and the arisen seven Serpents of Fire.


Let us analyze the second vertical ternary:

2 = Divine Mother

5 = Intelligence

8 = Caduceus of Mercury

The two is Heve [הוה], the Divine Mother. It is the unfolded Father. Then, she is Brahma, because she is the feminine aspect of the Father.

י Iod: Monad

הוה Heve: Divine Mother

יהוה Iod Heve: Jehovah

The authentic Jehovah is our Father and our Divine Mother who are in secret.

The cruel Jehovah of the Jews is an anthropomorphization of the true Jehovah, which is within each one of us. Heve, the Divine Mother, expresses herself through intelligence, which is the number five. It is by means of her that the elimination of the ego is achieved, because true intelligence is within her. If the dissolution of the ego is requested, we have to appeal to the Divine Mother, by deeply comprehending our own errors and asking unto her for their elimination.

The Divine Mother manifests herself through the Holy Eight, or Caduceus of Mercury, which represents the dorsal spine, the ascending energy of Kundalini along the Shushumna canal.

The Holy Eight has its root in sex. The Holy Eight is the sign of the infinite. The relation of the numbers 2, 5 and 8 is extraordinary. The Caduceus of Mercury is found in the Ninth Sphere.

All of this wisdom was known among the Pythagorean mysteries. It is known within Masonry; however, they are no longer being profound in these studies.


Let us analyze the third vertical ternary.

3 = Trinity

6 = Love, man and woman

9 = The Ninth Sphere

The number three corresponds to the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit. The Third Logos is in himself the creative sexual force which expresses itself in the entire universe.

We labor by means of the number six, which is related with sex. Here we find the man and woman. In the Tarot, a man appears between vice and virtue, between the virgin and the harlot. The sexual force must be worked by means of the six, meaning with love. This has expression in the number nine, which is equivalent to the Ninth Sphere. The number nine is the number of the master.


The three triads or horizontal lines represent the three worlds.

Spiritual: Spirit

Psychic: Soul

Physical: Body

In this plate, the principles for the realization of the Self of the human being are contained.


Tarot and Kabbalah: The Initiation of Tiphereth

The Initiation of Tiphereth

"For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."- Matthew 12:40

Extraordinary events happen with Tiphereth. Anyone can receive the initiations of Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzach, and then, finally, the fifth initiation, which is related with Tiphereth, in order to become a master. Someone can receive the fifth initiation of the Human Soul and for this reason become a master. Nonetheless, this one does not attain the Initiation of Tiphereth.

The Initiation of Tiphereth comes properly after the Fifth Initiation of Fire. The one who receives the fifth initiation does not always have the joy of attaining the Initiation of Tiphereth. This is a very secret initiation and is received by the one who takes the Direct Path.

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Tarot and Kabbalah: Daath - Tantric Knowledge

Daath - Tantric Knowledge

Some Kabbalists emphasize the idea that Binah, the Holy Spirit, is feminine. Such an affirmation is mistaken. It has been said in The Divine Comedy with complete clarity that the Holy Spirit is the husband of the Divine Mother. Therefore, the Holy Spirit unfolds himself into his wife, into the Shakti of the Hindus.

This must be known and understood. Some, when they see that the Third Logos is unfolded into the Divine Mother Kundalini, or Shakti, She that has many names, have believed that the Holy Spirit is feminine, and they have been mistaken. The Holy Spirit is masculine, but when He unfolds Himself into She, then the first ineffable divine couple is formed, the creator Elohim, the Kabir, or great priest, the Ruach Elohim, that in accordance to Moses, cultivated the waters in the beginning of the world.

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Tarot and Kabbalah: The Klipoth

The Klipoth

The inferno is the womb of Heaven. Beauty is born from rottenness. Lucifer grants us Light when we defeat him.

It has already been said that the Sephiroth are really twelve; the Ain Soph is the eleventh and its antithesis, its fatal shadow, is the abyss, which is the twelfth Sephirah, the Klipoth of Kabbalah.

The Klipoth, which are the infernal worlds, are below Malkuth, the physical world.

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Tarot and Kabbalah: Malkuth


Malkuth is the physical body, the physical world. It is very important to remember that the vital body is nothing but the superior part of the physical body. Those who do not accept this concept think that the physical body is one body, alone, and that the vital body is another and very distinct one. Thus, they make an order that is a little bit mistaken.

Malkuth is “the kingdom,” whose regent is Changam, the genie of the Earth.

Every planet gives birth to seven races; our planet Earth already gave birth to five races, so only two more will come. After the seven races, our Earth, transformed by great cataclysms, will convert itself through millions of years into a new moon. The whole devolving and evolving life of the Earth came from the Moon. The Moon died and became a desert when the great life abandoned it.

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