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Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Publican and the Pharisee

The Publican and the Pharisee

When reflecting a little about the diverse circumstances of life, it is worthwhile to seriously comprehend the foundations we depend upon.

One person depends upon his position, another on money, a different one on his prestige, that other person on his past, someone else on this or that particular academic degree, etc.

The most curious thing about this matter is that all of us, whether rich or poor, need everybody else and live off everybody else, even if we are filled with pride and vanity.

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Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: Infant’s Self-cognizance

Infant’s Self-cognizance

We have been wisely told that we have ninety-seven percent of subconsciousness and three percent of consciousness.

Plainly and bluntly speaking, we shall state that ninety-seven percent of the Essence that we carry within ourselves is bottled up, stuffed, inserted within each one of the “I’s,” which in their conjunction constitute the “myself.”

Obviously, the Essence, or consciousness, bottled up within each “I,” processes itself in accordance to its condition.

A determined percentage of consciousness is liberated when any “I” is disintegrated. Hence, the emancipation or liberation of the Essence or consciousness without the disintegration of each “I” is impossible.

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Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: Return and Recurrence

Return and Recurrence

A person is what his life is. Therefore, if he does not modify anything within himself, if he does not radically transform his life, if he does not work on himself, he is miserably wasting his time.

Death is the return to the very beginning of one’s life with the possibility of repeating it once again.

Much has been stated in pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist literature about the subject of successive lives. Yet, it is better to be concerned about successive existences.

The life of each one of us, with all its seasons, is always the same. Life repeats itself from existence to existence throughout innumerable centuries.

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Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Psychological Song

The Psychological Song

The moment in order to very seriously reflect about that which is called “internal consideration” has arrived.

There is not the least bit of doubt regarding the disastrous consequences of “intimate self-consideration.” Besides hypnotizing the consciousness, it causes us to lose a lot of energy.

If one would not make the mistake of identifying too much with one’s self, then internal Self-consideration would be something more than impossible.

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Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The World of Relations

The World of Relations

The world of relationships has three very different aspects that we need to clarify in a precise manner.

  1. First: We are related with the planetary body, in other words, the physical body.
  2. Second: We live on the planet Earth and by logical consequence we are related with the exterior world and with our personal matters such as relatives, business, money, office matters, profession, politics, etc.
  3. Third: We have the relationship of a person with himself. For the majority of people, this kind of relationship does not have the least importance.

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