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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Parents and Teachers

Parents and Teachers

The gravest problem of public education is not the students of primary or secondary schools, or academies, but the parents and teachers: if parents and teachers do not know themselves, if they are not capable of comprehending a boy or girl, if they do not know how to deeply understand their relationship with these creatures who are starting to live their life, if they are only concerned with cultivating the intellect of their students, then how can we create a new type of education?

The child, the student, goes to school to receive conscious guidance, but if the teachers are of narrow criteria, conservative, reactionary, regressive, this is how the student will be.


Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Consciousness


People confuse consciousness with intelligence or with intellect, thus, they qualify a very intelligent or intellectual person as a very cognizant person.

Undoubtedly—and without fear of deceiving ourselves—we affirm that within a human being the consciousness is a very particular means of apprehending internal knowledge and is completely independent of any mental activity.

The faculty of consciousness facilitates the knowledge of ourselves.

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