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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: What to Think, How to Think

What to Think, How to Think

Our parents at home and teachers at school always tell us what we must think, but never in life do they teach us how to think.

To know what to think is relatively very easy. Our parents, teachers, tutors, authors, etc.—each one in his own manner—is a dictator. Each one of them wants us to think about their dictations, demands, theories, prejudices, etc.

Dictators of the mind are as widespread as weeds. There is everywhere a perverse tendency to enslave the mind of the neighbor, to bottle up it, to force it to live within determined norms, prejudices, etc.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: The Search for Security

The Search for Security

When chicks are afraid, they hide in search for security under the loving wings of the hen.  A frightened child runs to find his mother because at her side he feels secure.

It is consecutively demonstrated that fear and the search for security are always found intimately associated.

A man who fears being robbed by thieves finds security in his gun.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Ambition


Ambition has several causes; among them is that particular one we call fear.

A humble boy who, in the parks of luxurious cities, cleans the shoes of pompous gentlemen could become a thief if he began to fear poverty, to fear for his situation, to fear for his fate.

A humble seamstress who works for the classy clothing store of the powerful could become a thief or a prostitute overnight if she begins to fear for her fate, to fear life, to fear old age, to fear for her situation.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Love


Students must integrally comprehend, from the very desks of the school, that which is called love.

Fear and dependency are often confused with love, yet fear and dependency are not love.

Since students depend on their parents and teachers, it is clear that they simultaneously respect and fear them.

Children and teenagers depend on their parents for clothing, food, money, shelter, etc., so by all means it is clear that they always feel protected. Thus, they know that they can depend on their parents and therefore they respect and even fear them, but this is not love.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: The Mind

The Mind

We have been able to verify by direct experience that it is impossible to comprehend what love is without comprehending in an integral manner the complex problem of the mind.

Those who suppose that the mind is the brain are completely mistaken. The mind is energetic, subtle, and can become independent from matter; under certain hypnotic states or during everyday physical sleep, the mind can be projected to very remote places in order to see and hear what is happening in those places.