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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Vocation


Except for those who are totally disabled, every human being has a purpose to serve in life; the difficult thing is to know what that purpose is.

If there is something truly important in this world, it is to know ourselves; yet, rare are those who know themselves. Moreover, even if the following statement seems incredible, in this life it is difficult to find a single person who has his vocational sense developed.

When someone is totally convinced about the role that he has to perform in his existence, he then makes an apostleship, a religion out of his vocation, thus, becoming—as a fact and by his own right—an apostle for humanity.


Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: The Three Brains

The Three Brains

The revolutionary psychology of the new era affirms that the physical organic machine that is mistakenly ascribed as human is actually that of intellectual animal creatures who subsist in a three-centered or three-brained manner.

The first brain is enclosed within the cranial vault. The second brain concretely corresponds to the central medulla, the dorsal spine with all of its nervous branches. The third brain is not located at some specific place nor is it related to a specific organ; indeed, the third brain is constituted by the sympathetic nervous plexuses and, in general, by all the specific nervous centers of the physical organism.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Good and Evil

Good and Evil

Good and evil do not really exist, since something is good when it is convenient and evil when it is not convenient. Thus, “good and evil” are a matter of egotistical conveniences and the capriciousness of the mind.

The man who invented the detrimental terms good and evil was an Atlantean named Makary Kronbernkzion, who was a distinguished member of the Akhaldan scientific society, once located on the now submerged continent of Atlantis.

This elderly archaic sage never suspected the serious harm that he was going to cause humanity with the invention of his two little words.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Maternity


The physical life of any human being begins at conception as a simple cell that is naturally submitted to the extraordinary life-span of living cells.

From conception comes gestation and then birth; this is always the remarkably marvelous trio by means of which any creature comes to life.

Indeed, it is intriguing to know that each one of us must live our first moments of physical existence within the infinitely small, that is, by dwelling within a simple microscopic cell. Yes, we begin our physical existence within the form of an insignificant cell; thus, when the body becomes aged, elderly, we culminate our physical life flooded with memories. The ego is memory.

Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: The Human Personality

The Human Personality

A certain man was born in 1900, lived sixty-five years, then died; where was he before 1900, and where will he be after 1965? Conventional science does not know anything about this, as well as in regards to the general formulation of all questions about life and death.

We can axiomatically affirm that “the man died because his time concluded, and that a potential tomorrow does not exist for the personality of any dead man.”

Each day is a wave of time, each month is another wave of time, each year is also another wave of time; consequently, all of the waves linked together as a chain make up the great wave of life. So, time is circular, and the life of the human personality is a closed curve.

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