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Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Muladhara

The Chakra Muladhara

1.     Each one of the chakras located along the spinal medulla awakens as the Kundalini is ascending within the Nadi Chitra.

2.     These seven chakras are located along the spinal medulla.

3.     When the Kundalini is still enclosed within the Muladhara chakra, then these seven chakras are just hanging down.

4.     However, when Devi Kundalini ascends throughout the Brahmanadi, then the marvelous petals of these chakras turn upward to Brahmarandhra, thus marvelously gleaming with the incomparable sexual fire of Kundalini.

5.     Today, in this lesson, we are going to study the Muladhara chakra.

Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Svadhishthana

The Chakra Svadhishthana

1.     The Kundalini passes through chakra after chakra.

2.     This is how the different states of consciousness are opened. This is how the Sadhaka penetrates all the states of cosmic consciousness until finally acquiring the awakening of the Absolute Consciousness.

3.     The Yogi/Yogini acquires multiple Siddhis (powers) in accordance with the awakening of his superlative consciousness.

4.     In the internal worlds the word “time” is a synonym of “esoteric degrees of consciousness.”

Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Manipura

The Chakra Manipura

1.     Manipura is the third chakra of our spinal medulla.

2.     This chakra of our spinal medulla resides in the Nabhi Sthana (the navel area).

3.     The hepatic and splenic plexuses enter into activity when this chakra awakens.

4.     Ten yoga nadis emanate from this chakra.

5.     The color of this chakra is like a resplendent fire.

Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Anahata

The Chakra Anahata

1.     This chakra has complete control over the cardiac plexus.

2.     Its color is like living fire.

3.     Indeed, a jet-black hexagonal space exists inside this marvelous chakra.

4.     This chakra is intimately related with the Tattva Vayu.

5.     The deity that rules this chakra is Isha, who controls and rules this chakra along with the Devata Kakini.

6.     The Bana Linga is found intimately related with the Anahata chakra.

Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Vishuddha

The Chakra Vishuddha

1.     The chakra Vishuddha of our spinal medulla is situated at the base of our creative larynx.

2.     This marvelous chakra is intimately related with the Tattva Akash (Ethereal element).

3.     The color of this chakra is of an intense blue.

4.     The laryngeal chakra belongs to the Tattva Manas.

5.     The divine deity that protects this marvelous chakra is Sadashiva.

6.     This marvelous chakra has sixteen beautiful petals.