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The Major Mysteries: Eden


Eden is the Ethereal World. Eden is sex itself.

The Ethereal World is the abode of the sexual forces. The Ethereal World is Eden. We were driven out of Eden through the doors of sex, thus we can return to Eden only through the doors of sex.

We cannot enter into Eden through false doors; we must enter into Eden through the doors out of which we were driven.

The Major Mysteries: The Labarum of the Temple

The Labarum of the Temple

Christonic semen is the raw-matter of the Great Work.

The semen is the pure living water. The semen is the spring water of everything that exists; the semen is the water of Genesis. A plant without water dries and dies; the water is vegetable semen within plants, this vegetable semen is transformed into leaves, flowers, and fruits. Marvelous are the combinations of this infinite substance.

The sea is the semen of the planet Earth; everything comes from the sea and returns to the sea. The continents emerged from the sea and will return into the sea.

The Major Mysteries: The Swans of Paradise

The Swans of Paradise

The Kala-Hamsa swan, perched upon a lotus flower, floats over the pure living waters. Kala-Hamsa means: "I Am He, I Am He, I Am He." In other words, we can say, "The Spirit of God floats upon the face of the waters."

Divinity breathes upon the sea of eternity. God is within our own selves, thus we can find God only within our own selves: "I Am He, I Am He, I Am He."

God is love. Love is found immanent and transcendent within each drop of the great ocean. God can only be found within sex and love. The swan represents love. Love can only be enlivened with love.

The swan was born in order to love. When one of a couple of swans dies, the other dies of sadness.

The Major Mysteries: The Sexual Act in Eden

The Sexual Act in Eden

Chastity alone reigns in Eden. Sexuality in Eden is as pure as the light of the Elohim, nonetheless, the sexual act also exists in Eden. Plants, flowers, trees, Gods, birds, reptiles, animals, and human beings: everything emerges from sex. Creation is impossible without sex.

As human beings have body, soul, and spirit, so do plants. The souls of plants are the elementals of Nature. Every plant, every tree, and every herb has its own particular individuality; thus, every plant is an individuality of body, soul, and spirit. These are the elementals of Eden; these are the innocent angels of Eden. These elementals are organized in vegetable families, which botanists have classified with Latin names.

The Major Mysteries: Lucifer


If you have your lamp filled with oil, then the temple will always be filled with light. Yet, if you spill the oil of your lamp, the fire will be snuffed out, and you shall be cast out into the outer darkness, where only weeping and the gnashing of teeth are heard. The semen is the habitat of fire; if you spill the semen, your lamp will be snuffed out and you shall sink into the luciferian outer darkness: in other words, the Lord Jehovah said: "Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." [Genesis 2:16-17] In Eden, the elementals do not spill the semen.