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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 10

Preparation for Initiation 10

Splendid halls filled with light and beauty exist in the world of the mind (the Devachan). Here we find black magicians who resemble Masters of ineffable light. These tenebrous Baalim only speak of divine things, yet by means of their most subtle philosophies, they advise us to spill the semen (to fornicate).

Many initiates do not know how to remain firm against the actions of those luminous temptations; thus, they succumb and fall into the abyss.

Moses, the great initiate, condemns the spilling of the semen; he stated:

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 11

Preparation for Initiation 11

Many vain and stubborn people who join Gnosis usually believe that this is just another school amongst many others. Yet, such wretched people are lamentably mistaken, because Gnosis is the doctrine which gestates Angels or Devils; yes, this is the outstanding reality of these studies. Therefore, those who dedicate themselves to the development of powers but do not strive for sanctification, eventually transform themselves into demons. Likewise, those who want to make a business out of Gnosis transform themselves into demons.

When one enters into Gnosis, one has to die in order to live; however, proud intellectual people who have the habit of thinking in accordance to their own whims, vanities, and prejudices are not good for these Gnostic studies; this is a very difficult enterprise for intellectual people, because they only want to stuff their minds with these Gnostic studies, and the reality is that Gnosis is a very deep functionalism of the consciousness. What we have to do with the mind is to kill it, and thereafter to resurrect it, totally transformed.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 12

Preparation for Initiation 12

Our disciples must carefully avoid reading too many newspapers. In a banquet for journalists of an independent press in New York, a journalist clearly and forthrightly stated the following:

“We (journalists) are intellectual prostitutes.” - John Swinton, New York, 1890

Therefore, it is not convenient to read too many newspapers, unless we want to prostitute our minds.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 13

Preparation for Initiation 13

Our Gnostic disciples must be very careful with impostors. In Colombia, South America, in 1956, the leader of the ancient Rosicross Order alleged that some man named Bhekpati Sinha was a great Master from India, a disciple of Gandhi, and thousands of more falsities of the sort. At that time, all of the spiritualists from Colombia kneeled before this gentleman, and a fanatic from the city of Cali, Colombia was even eating the leftovers of the food that this gentleman ate. Fortunately, intelligent people are never missing from the picture; thus, it occurred to one of our disciples to ask the adorable impostor for his address in India. So, the impostor gave him the address of Yogi Sivananda.

There is a common saying that states: “The lies of a charlatan fall faster than the speed of gravity.”

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 14

Preparation for Initiation 14

Esoteric discipline is very demanding, yet we must not confuse sanctity with sanctimoniousness, since the sanctimonious type of person has filled the world with tears. The fanatical, sanctimonious type of person becomes horrified at everything; i.e. a tenebrous, sanctimonious person saw the Mexican sculpture of the Bat God and said that it was related with black magic, since for the sanctimonious type of person even the most divine things are black magic.

Spiritualist devotees criticized the Master Litelantes because she did not comply with their sanctimoniousness. Yes, some sanctimonious women hated her because she did not share in their squawking, chattering as parrots that talk but do not accomplish anything, and which speak about things that they do not understand.