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The Major Mysteries: The Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus

"Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God." - John 3:9

Master Jesus was a fallen bodhisattva who upraised himself again with supreme sacrifices. Since many spiritual devotees do not know what a fallen bodhisattva is, here we give the following explanation.

The Innermost has two twin souls: the Divine and the Human. The bodhisattva is the Human Soul. Thus, when a master (the Innermost) wants to reincarnate, he sends his Human Soul (or bodhisattva) ahead to reincarnate. Then his Human Soul enters the maternal womb and is born like any ordinary child; nonetheless, we understand that such a child is a bodhisattva (Human Soul) of a master. If these bodhisattvas want to incarnate their Innermost (Divine Master) within themselves, then they have to prepare themselves in order to achieve it.

The Major Mysteries: Spiritual Birth

Spiritual Birth

In order for the Being (the Innermost) to be born in us, we have to terminate with the process of the human “I.” For this, we must not commit the error of dividing ourselves into a Superior “I” and an Inferior “I.” That which spiritual students call “Superior I” is not the Being, but rather a refined form of the human “I,” a subtle modality of self-defense that the human “I” utilizes in order to persist and remain alive. Yes, that division is just a subtle escape that the human “I” utilizes. It is just a refined concept of Satan.

We have to die in order to live. We have to lose everything in order to win everything. In order to have the right to live, we must die through the death of the cross, because the Being (the Innermost), full of glory and power, is only born upon the cadaver of the human “I.”

The Major Mysteries: Origins of the Human “I”

Origins of the Human “I”

The human “I” is a monstrous larva that came into existence when we exited Eden. First, the “I” became the gross or vulgar man of the earth. Then the “I” evolved and manifested as a learned, intellectual man. Finally, the “I” makes a last effort in order to subsist; here, it declares itself to be a lofty selected one, a master, and enjoys being called by people, “Master, Master.” The “chosen I” enjoys undressing like a harlot in order to show its figure, qualities, and divine powers to others. Subsequently, that monstrous larva develops into a prophet in order to exhibit its powers and virtues and thus be venerated by others. Thus the “I,” dressed with the robe of Aristippus, goes around boasting of humility as long as no one touches its egocentricity; yet, when this is touched, it reacts filled with sublime anger.

The “I” enjoys boasting about its books and marvelous deeds. Moreover, with an ineffable pride, that monstrous larva disguises itself as a saint and martyr, and boasts of being a master, and even an angel.

The Major Mysteries: The Guardian of the Threshold

The Guardian of the Threshold

The Guardian of the Threshold is the human “I” which later metamorphoses into a divine angelic “I.” After death, following the course of his inner development, the Being abandons the astral and mental bodies. Thus, the Being submerges himself in the starry infinite. Unfortunately, the Guardian of the Threshold (which is the “I”) remains at the threshold of mystery. When the Being returns in order to enter into a new womb, the “I” then comes and continues to build our lunar or inferior Astral Body.

Upon his rebirth, the Being is enveloped anew within mental, astral, ethereal, and physical bodies. These four bodies form a new, innocent personality; unfortunately, little by little the human “I” takes over this new personality until totally controlling it.

The Major Mysteries: The First Great Birth of the Christ Jesus

The First Great Birth of the Christ Jesus

The first great initiation of Jesus was as natural and simple as the humble and innocent birth of a lotus flower. The bodhisattva Jesus did not covet initiations, powers, titles, degrees, hierarchies, masteries, social or divine positions, kingdoms, gold, or silver. Being higher than all angels, archangels, seraphim, potentates, etc., he preferred only to be a good man.

It is stated, “It is better to be a good man than a bad angel.”