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The Major Mysteries: The Fourth Serpent

The Fourth Serpent

When Master Jesus awakened his fourth serpent, he knocked three times on a door and entered into a luminous room filled with delightful flowers and ineffable music. Four masters distributed in two groups received him; those masters were resplendent with majesty and each one had a sword of cosmic justice in his right hand. They rested the hilts of the swords over their hearts, thus the bare swords filled with a terrific power pointed up to the loft. Master Jesus placed himself between two of the masters while ineffable music resounded in the environment.

The serpent of the Mental Body of Jesus awoke by intense practice of sexual magic with the beautiful priestess of the temple. Yes, without the woman, nothing is attained. Likewise a woman without a man does not achieve anything. By means of sexual magic, everything is attained; nothing can replace the joy of love.

The Major Mysteries: Jesus’ Fifth Serpent

Jesus’ Fifth Serpent

It was in winter when Master Jesus went into the wilderness. The weather was cold in Egypt, and there it was: an ancient, solitary, worn and eroded Egyptian temple of mysteries. Master Jesus entered the atrium, and while kneeling with all humility before the great hierophants, he requested to be admitted into the remarkable mysteries of the fifth serpent of burning fire.

The great Egyptian sages granted him admission. Then Master Jesus left the room and entered a small sanctuary of the solitary temple. In winter, the masters customarily wrapped themselves with blue and white religious shawls in order to be protected from the cold weather.

The Major Mysteries: The Last Moments of Jesus in Egypt

The Last Moments of Jesus in Egypt

Once the Buddha Jesus lifted up his five fallen serpents, he shone resplendently, filled with glory. Thus, he did not need anything else but to be crowned. The coronation of Jesus is a primordial historical event that is older than the world. In fact, truthfully, this is why, “Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was, I Am” [John 8:58].

Apocalypse (Revelation 2:10) states, “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” The crown of life is the Being of our Being. It is the authentic and legitimate “I Am.”

It is necessary for our “I” to die within, in order for the Being to be born within us. Thereafter, our Being receives the Crown of Life, which is the resplendent and divine “I Am.”

The Major Mysteries: Jesus in the Holy Land

Jesus in the Holy Land

The great Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, returned to his own land in order to accomplish the greatest mission of all time. Nevertheless, it is very true that, “A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house” [Matthew 13:57].

Even the natural birth of Jesus hides a moral and very painful tragedy: the “Sepher Toldos Jeshu” states that a virgin named Mariam, betrothed to a young man of the name of Iohanan, was ravaged by another man named Ben Panther [Pandira] or Joseph Panther. Her betrothed Iohanan, learning of her misfortune, forgave her and left for Babylon. This is how the body of the child named Jesus or Joshua was born [“La Science des Esprits” Mackenzie’s “Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia.”]

The Major Mysteries: The Baptism of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus

Albeit the Buddha Jesus was full of majesty, nonetheless he needed only one thing: his coronation. Consequently, Jesus went towards Jordan where John had his haven. Since John is a great master of the White Lodge, John officiated in his temple located at Jordan. At the door of the temple, John wrote an inscription that stated, “Profane dances are forbidden.” John was a white bearded, venerable elder of medium stature. When officiating inside the temple, he dressed in his royal priestly robe; however, outside the temple, he dressed modestly, enveloping his body with camel’s hair. Thus, this venerable elder was full of majesty. His half-naked body full of strong muscles and his wide forehead reflected the majesty of his resplendent Being, thus everyone respected him.