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The Major Mysteries: Shambhala


Jesus Christ presently lives in Shambhala (a secret country of Tibet) with his same resurrected physical body. Yes, in Shambhala he also has his temple of mysteries. The entire country of Shambhala is in the Jinn state. Here is where the principal monasteries of the White Lodge are.

Many masters live in Shambhala whose stream of life of their physical bodies comes from very ancient ages, and who are in the Jinn state.

When Jesus walked upon the waters, he carried his body in the Jinn state. Any disciple can travel in the same manner. The disciple becomes slightly asleep, then filled with faith and preserving the slumber state, he rises from his bed like a somnambulist. Subsequently, he will perform a little jump with the intention of submerging himself within the supersensible worlds. With the jump, he will float in the atmosphere. This is called the Jinn state. This is how one floats in space and walks upon the waters. Some succeed immediately, while others take months and even years.

The Major Mysteries: The Gnostic Movement

The Gnostic Movement

Victoriously, the powerful, universal, revolutionary Gnostic movement advances on all the battlefields. Hence, now, nothing, no one, can stop us on this luminous and triumphant march. Our leader is our Lord Jesus Christ, who dwells in Shambhala (in Tibet) with the same body that resurrected from the dead, and with him dwell many other masters whose physical bodies are children of the resurrection. Yes, we are the initiators of the new Aquarian Age.

In the new era, we will establish Gnostic governments on the face of the Earth. Then, country borders, customs, wars, hatred, etc. will disappear.

We, the masters of the White Lodge, did not authorize mister “de la Ferrière” or any of his followers to open initiatic colleges. Those tenebrous, sanctimonious evil doers are dangerous impostors, and in the presence of impostors we should keep an eye on our money.

The Major Mysteries: Gnostic Tradition

Gnostic Tradition

For the crime of having accompanied Jesus Christ in the holy land, and because of having celebrated our rituals within Rome’s catacombs, we, the Gnostics, faced the lions in the circus of Rome. Then later in time, we were burnt alive in the flames of the Roman Catholic inquisition. Previously, we were the mystical Essenes of Palestine. So, we are not improvising opportunist doctrines. We were hidden for twenty centuries, but now we are returning once again to the street in order to carry on our shoulders the old, rough, and heavy cross.

Paul of Tarsus took our doctrine to Rome. Yes, he was a Gnostic Nazarene.

The Major Mysteries: Practice, Not Theories

Practice, Not Theories

Resolute people are tired of theories. Now, they want to know, see, hear, and touch for themselves, because the new Aquarian Age is for practical occultists. Thus, it is necessary for them to learn how to project themselves at will in their Astral Body, and to travel with their physical body in Jinn state (to fly with the body of flesh and blood, to enter within the internal worlds and to visit the souls of the dead, to enter into the world of the Angels with the physical body). Indeed, all of this is a gigantic victory for the Spirit.

This is how we can travel and visit all the temples of the White Lodge, and thus study at the feet of the great masters. Yes, by knowing the mysteries of life and death we will liberate ourselves from so many theories and so much absurd intellectualism.

The Major Mysteries: Jinn State

Jinn State

The first thing that any disciple needs in order to practice with the Jinn state is a lot of faith. Whosoever has a mind filled with doubts is advised not to enter these studies, because they could become insane.

The second thing that one needs is the tenacity and patience of Saint Job. The lack of tenacity in these exercises causes inevitable failure. Those who begin to practice and become immediately weary and stop are not good for these studies; so do not try: withdraw.

The third thing is to have methodology and order in these Jinn exercises.