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The Major Mysteries: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition

Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition

Imagination is clairvoyance. To imagine is to see.

The inventor who imagines his invention is indeed clairvoyantly seeing it. Before appearing in this physical world, any invention already exists in the internal worlds. Thus, all inventions previously existed within the internal worlds. The inventor imagines them, and thereafter he makes them concrete in this physical world. If the painter captures the images of the painting that he is going to paint, it is because the painting already exists within the internal worlds.

In order to develop clairvoyance, it is necessary to know how to be silent. Clairvoyants who boast about their visions are worthless. These types of sacrilegious individuals must be cast out of the Gnostic sanctuaries.

When we impel the frontal chakra to spin, then within it, images are reflected full of light, color, and sound; this is trained clairvoyance. Thus, the clairvoyant must know how to suffer, how to abstain, and how to die.

The Major Mysteries: The Apostolate

The Apostolate

Those who want powers must sacrifice themselves for humanity, because powers are payments that the governing Logos grants to any human when the Logos owes something to him. Thus, nothing is paid to those whom nothing is owed.

The name of the governing Logos of this solar system is Atin. This great being always pays what he owes.

Clairvoyants must not spy on their neighbors’ lives, nor judge anyone, because this is wrong. Each person is what that person wants to be, thus the private life of the neighbor is a business that must not concern anyone else. What we must do is to work in the Great Work, thus we will collect our salary. Initiations, degrees, and powers are attained by practicing sexual magic, by terminating our bad habits, and by unselfishly working in the work of the Father.

The Major Mysteries: Meetings’ Regulations

Meetings’ Regulations

Meetings must be performed with order and veneration.

Instructors must not be called masters, but “friends.” “But be not ye called master: for one is your master, even Christ” [Matthew 23:8]. The Gnostic movement is impersonal. It is made up of humble laborers. Therefore, let us reject any personalization. Let us not accept imposing individuals. No one is better than anyone else. Among us, we are laborers, bricklayers, mechanics, farmers, writers, physicians, etc.

The idolatry of the golden calf will be demolished in the Aquarian Age; this is why we reject it in the Gnostic movement. A god of fire told us, “In the Aquarian Age, capital will be decapitated.” This great being dwells in the igneous stratum of the Earth.

The Major Mysteries: Selection of Personnel

Selection of Personnel

Presently, the brothers and sisters of the great College of Initiates of the White Lodge are selecting human personnel. They are separating the sheep from the goats so that the new era can be initiated. It would be impossible to initiate an age of light with personnel of murderers, prostitutes, and thieves.

We state that those who spill their semen eventually become demons, even if they are Theosophists or Rosicrucians. Yes, just as raging murderers do, mystical thieves also become demons.

Presently, there are millions of souls who are divorced from their Innermosts, thus they have horns on their foreheads. Among these demons we find thousands of Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Aquarianists, etc. Regrettably, many of them are sincere but mistaken souls who, despite their good intentions, have already unconsciously descended to the degree of demons. Nevertheless, they believe themselves to be saints. How naive they are.

The Major Mysteries: World Karma

World Karma

Before the initiation of the new Aquarian Age begins, all nations will have to pay their great karmic debts. For the good of humanity, there will be war between East and West; this is what Lord Jehovah stated. We know that the East will win the war. There will be combat on land, sea, and air, even in the poles. The East will win.

“In the Aquarian Age, the capital will be decapitated. The United States will be punished.” This is how it is written in the law. The Vatican will be bombarded and destroyed by blood and fire. Soon, it will pay its horrible debts. Spain will be transformed. All of Europe will become totally “sovietized.” During the sign of Aquarius, the Americas will form a great confederation.