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The Major Mysteries: The Ancient of Days

The Ancient of Days

The Ancient of the Days is original in each human being, He is the Father. There are as many Fathers in Heaven as there are humans on Earth. The Ancient of the Days is the occult of the occult, the mercy of mercies, the goodness of goodness, the root of our Being, the “Great Wind.” The hair of the Ancient of the Days has thirteen ringlets; his beard has thirteen locks.

The Thirteenth Arcanum is the Ancient of Days. Only by defeating death can we incarnate the Ancient of Days. The funeral ordeals of the Thirteenth Arcanum are more frightful and terrible than the abyss.

The Major Mysteries: The First Divine Couple

The First Divine Couple

From the Ancient of the Days (Kether), who is Christ (Chokmah), emanates the divine couple (Binah); this is the Holy Spirit and his virgin wife. In each person, the wife of the Holy Spirit resembles an ineffable woman. The Divine Mother wears a white robe and a blue cloak. The blessed goddess, mother of the world, carries a precious lamp (Chesed) in her hand.

The Major Mysteries: The Seven Double Columns of the Temple

The Seven Double Columns of the Temple

The seven columns of the temple of wisdom are double and are made of burning fire. These are the seven degrees of the power of fire; these are the seven serpents. After receiving the Crown of Life, we have to raise the double of each column; these are the Seven Serpents of Light of the “I Am.”

We need to become dwellings of the Lord by means of the lighting of our candelabra of seven branches. Christ, as the child of God, as the child of Bethlehem, is born within our heart.

Uselessly Christ in Bethlehem was born
If within our heart his birth is forlorn.

His crucifixion, death and resurrection on the third day from among the dead were in vain,

Unless his crucifixion, death and resurrection, be set up within each one of us again.

The Major Mysteries: The Wedding of Cana

The Wedding of Cana

The first miracle performed by Jesus was the transmutation of water into wine. Jesus performed this miracle at a wedding. Thus, this is the first miracle that our disciples must perform, because this is how one enters initiation.

Yes, it is certain that by means of sexual contact within marriage we transmute the water into wine. We have to transmute the water (semen) into the wine of the light of the alchemist, and indeed, sexual magic is the way.

So, through his first miracle Jesus publicly taught sexual transmutation, sexual magic, and in this way he began the opening of the path of initiation for all of this suffering humanity!

Jesus Christ represented the entire drama of initiation in the flesh. This drama begins with sexual transmutation, because it is by means of sexual magic that we become as gods.