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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 5

Preparation for Initiation 5

Preparation for initiation is very rigorous. Our disciples must live alert and vigilant like a watchman in the time of war. Cleanse your minds; do not allow yourself to be deceived by the wicked.

Know, brothers, that modern intellectualism is of the wicked.

Scientism of these times: “Even the wicked, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders...” (2 Thessalonians 2:9) airplanes, atomic bombs, false marvels in physiology, biology, medicine, chemistry, etc.—all these miracles of science are false. Do not believe in those false miracles of the wicked.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 6

Preparation for Initiation 6

Spiritualist schools are full of sincere but mistaken people. Crime is also hidden within the incense of prayer.

Christ was crucified between two thieves. Almost all organizations exploit the Christ. Some exploit him with good intentions and others exploit him with evil intentions; these are the good and the bad thieves.

In France, a scoundrel who devoted himself to carnival astrology and who was a fine beer connoisseur, all of a sudden let his hair and beard grow; he then traveled to Venezuela, where he founded a renowned order of black magic of Aquarius. Thereafter he declared himself to be the very own reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Later, another scoundrel followed his example and declared that he was Saint Peter, and shortly after had the impulse of wandering around in the streets wearing a tunic, cape, and sandals.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 7

Preparation for Initiation 7

In this day and age, the Masonic Lodge grants its degrees based on money and social status. Many sell initiations. Many are bestowed with initiations. Yet, all of this is exploitation and black magic.

Authentic degrees and authentic white initiations are received in the consciousness. These initiatic ceremonies are performed within the superior worlds.

Initiations are intimate realizations of the consciousness, which must not be revealed, or spoken about.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 8

Preparation for Initiation 8

This is what the Lord Jehovah told us: “I have always helped you. I will always help those who withdrew from the schools of the Baalim.” The Baalim are the tenebrous ones.

Notwithstanding, in this century, all schools, organizations, lodges, religions, and sects fell into the abyss and became schools of the Baalim, who eat (fornicate) at Jezebel’s table and consume things (theories, intellectualism, etc.) sacrificed unto idols.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 9

Preparation for Initiation 9

A great equilibrium in the consciousness is necessary in order to become an initiate; thus, it is necessary to cultivate powers but not to covet them; to aspire to initiation but not to covet it; to know how to find virtues within the heart of the wicked and to know how to find the evilness within the heart of the righteous.

People begin to practice Sexual Magic and then become weary; they fail due to the lack of tenacity and perseverance. If our consciousness has not yet acquired cognizance of what it is doing, then tenacity cannot be attained and the consciousness cannot acquire this cognizance without suffering.