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The Major Mysteries: The Two Closed Doors

The Two Closed Doors

By uttering sublime and ineffable phrases, the tenebrous ones state that sexual magic is dangerous, thus this is how they divert wretched human beings away from the doors of Eden. By uttering words filled with sweetness, the tenebrous ones state that to project oneself in the Astral Body at will is dangerous. This is how the tenebrous ones close these two doors to liberation for the wretched souls. The tenebrous ones close the two doors of happiness and thereafter they enclose their victims within their intellectual systems.

The tenebrous systems are usually filled with reasoning and philosophical words. The intellect is the most powerful weapon that the Luciferians use in order to impede their victims' escape from the abyss; the abyss is filled with sincere, yet mistaken ones; the abyss is filled with people that have very good intentions. Many tenebrous ones from the abyss are sincere, yet mistaken.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 1

Preparation for Initiation 1

The disciple who wants to enter the straight, narrow and difficult path that leads us to the Light has to withdraw from all spiritualist schools.  Those schools are filled with “sublime crimes.”  Those schools are golden cages filled with “very beautiful poisonous vipers.”  Mystic evilness is very abundant in those schools.

Under the shelter of the divine phrase “Universal Fraternity” the worst crimes registered in the penal code are committed.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 2

Preparation for Initiation 2

Discussions and polemics have ruined many spiritual schools. When two individuals argue, what they have is pride and arrogance in their mind; both want to demonstrate their boasted superiority to one another, both have Satan enthroned in their mind. We must always respectfully express our concept and allow our listener the freedom to accept or reject our concept. Everybody is free to think as they please and we cannot exercise power over our neighbor’s mind, because that would be black magic. Intellectual discussion is luciferic and demonic.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 3

Preparation for Initiation 3

Those who want to enter into the greater mysteries must abandon the animal intellect. Animal intellect is luciferic and demonic. The great Masters have the mind of a child. We must live in great awe and tremble as if in the presence of God. We must terminate our intellectual pride. We must have the innocent and simple mind of an infant. We must not conceal crimes.

From time to time, disciples send us letters demanding that we dominate the mind of this or that woman for them, alleging that they just want to bring these women to the right path; this is how their lust is hidden within the incense of prayer. By demanding enticement, by demanding of us works of black magic. This is how they tempt the Elder Brothers.

The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 4

Preparation for Initiation 4

The corruption amongst spiritualist devotees is deplorable. On one occasion, when we were advising a spiritualist devotee in the United States about the practices of Sexual Magic, she cynically told us (in front of her own husband) that she would only practice Sexual Magic with her guru. We objected to her answer by telling her that Sexual Magic can only be practiced between spouses. Indeed, in the ordinary world no profane adulterer would ever dare to give such a dim-witted answer in front of her husband. However, only the irresponsible devotees of spiritualism can have such natural drive to this type of whimsical barbarian answer. What is worse is that the guru of this wretched devotee was only a charming impostor, a mystifying bandit, an executioner of souls.