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The Major Mysteries: The Hill of Chapultepec

The Hill of Chapultepec

In this chapter, we see a fragment of a native Mexican codex depicting the Hill of Chapultepec. At the top of the hill, we see a grasshopper or cricket. In the august Rome of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at costly prices.

An Aztec temple in "Jinn" State exists within the Hill of Chapultepec. The natives of Mexico would make long mystical pilgrimages to Chapultepec. We must now comprehend why the Aztecs considered this hill to be sacred.

By carefully observing the fragment of the Mexican codex of Chapultepec, we see two human beings floating above the hill. Those two beings are traveling in their Astral Bodies. A human head pronounces a note, represented by two beams of light that come out of his lips. That note is the sibilant and sharp sound of the cricket. That sound is the keynote of the Logos. The Logos sounds.

The Major Mysteries: Clue for the Awakening of the Consciousness during Normal Sleep

Clue for the Awakening of the Consciousness during Normal Sleep

There is no danger in the projection of the Astral Body, because everybody is projected in their Astral Body during normal sleep. Therefore, whosoever wants to awaken their consciousness during normal sleep must know the clue of discernment.

During normal sleep, every human being wanders in the internal worlds with their consciousness asleep. During normal sleep, the Soul, enveloped by its Astral Body, abandons the physical body. This is how the Ethereal Body is able repair the dense physical body.

The Major Mysteries: Negotiation


When the hour of death arrives, we abandon the physical body and enter into the internal worlds. After physical death, Souls continue to believe that they are flesh and bones. After physical death, the Souls do not accept even a little that they no longer belong to the world of the flesh; only little by little are those Souls of the dead awakening their consciousness, so that after a certain time those souls can enter into a new maternal womb in order to have the right to be born again in the world of the flesh. This is the law of metempsychosis through which all of us come to pay the evil deeds we performed in our former lives. Thus, if we performed good, we collect good, yet if performed evil, we collect evil.

"With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." [Matthew 7:2] The one who sows lightning will harvest tempests. Perform good deeds so that you can pay your debts.

The Major Mysteries: Jinn States

Jinn States

Human beings can bring their physical body out of this chemical region—meaning, human beings can place their physical body within the internal worlds.

The law of gravity reigns in this chemical region, yet the law of cosmic levitation reigns within the internal worlds.

We can float with the physical body within the internal worlds.

Voluntary somnambulism is the clue in order to enter with our physical body into the internal worlds. Thus, while resting in his bed, the disciple will enter into a slumber state and will get up in the same way as the somnambulist does it. Somnambulists get up from their bed while maintaining their slumber state, thus while in their sleepy state somnambulists work and walk.