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Magic of the Runes: The King Helenus

The King Helenus

When Aeneas, the epic Trojan paladin, was approaching the wealthy palace of King Helenus, he saw with astonishment, admiration, and pleasant surprise a woman called Andromache, the wife of Hector the Trojan who was gloriously killed in battle at the undefeated foundations of the walls of Troy.

Then, Aeneas gave thanks to the Holy Gods (Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Potencies, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim of Christianity). He gave thanks to these ineffable beings from the depths of his heart for having liberated this woman Andromache and for having impeded the Acheans from taking her as a captive to Micene.


Magic of the Runes: Rune Tyr (Teiwaz)

Rune Tyr (Teiwaz)

tyrSinging birds, jumping rivulets, roses that perfume the air, sounding bells that call... stop, shadow of my Goodness, beautiful illusion of the day, for night has arrived.

Delicious night brimming with stars, allow me to offer you the oasis of the old garden of my painful heart. It is December, yet with your romantic singing, it will have roses from the month of May.

I would like to divine the voice that always denies vain things, that always rejects them, that repudiates them with a No that is without hatred, and that also holds promise for many Yea’s.

Divine night, behold: here I am, finally alone with myself, and listening to the voice of Isaiah, to your hinting clamor that is naming me.

Magic of the Runes: Meditation


Intellectual information is not a living experience.  Erudition is not experimentation. Essays, tests, demonstrations, that are exclusively tridimensional, are not unitotal, nor integral.

A faculty superior to the mind has to exist that must be independent from the intellect, capable of granting us knowledge and direct experience of any phenomenon.

Opinions, concepts, theories, hypotheses, do not signify verification, experimentation, and complete consciousness of this or that phenomena.

Only when we liberate ourselves from the mind can we have the living experience of the Truth, of that which is the Reality, or of that which is found behind any phenomenon in a potential state.

Magic of the Runes: The Deformed Giant Polyphemus

The Deformed Giant Polyphemus

Men and Gods, you must remember that damned land where the deformed giant Polyphemus filthily abided. He was always accompanied by a hundred of his brothers who were equivalent in his cruelty and monstrous stature.

Ulysses, the cunning warrior, destroyer of citadels, was sheltered with his people in the cave of this ogre, who started devouring all the guests without respecting any rule of hospitality.

However, Ulysses, the sagacious warrior, who was skillful, shrewd, and sharp in every type of mischief, achieved the inebriation of this enormous giant (who was satiated with human flesh) with delicious wine.

So, the monster was sleeping on his back on the ground close to his cave and vomiting wine mixed with the scattered flesh of those that he had inhumanely sacrificed.

Magic of the Runes: Rune Bar (Beor, Berkana)

Rune Bar (Beor, Berkana)

barWhen speaking in the golden language, in the very pure gold of divine language, with mystical astonishment we discover that in Syrian bar signifies “son.”

Baron: This word in itself is broken down into two sacred syllables, bar and on. This must be intelligently translated as “the son of the earth.”

Christ, the Solar Logos, is something more profound. In the Aramaic language, Christ is Bar‑Ham, the Son of Man.

Certainly, the Christos or the cosmic and triumphant Chrestos, is not Jesus, though He was incarnated within him. He was neither the Buddha, but He flourished in his fertile lips made Word. He was not Moses, but He shone in his face, there on mount Nebo. He was not Hermes, but He lived reincorporated within him. The Lord Chrestos is without individuality.

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