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Magic of the Runes: Rune Ar (Ario)

Rune Ar (Ario)

rune-arIneffable enchantments come into my memory, poems of love, and things that are impossible to describe with words. Certainly, what I have known, what I have seen, what I have palpated in the house of my Father and within all of those resplendent abodes of the great City of Light, known as the Milky Way, can only be uttered with words of gold in the purest dawn of the Divine Language.

It was a night trimmed with stars; the projected rays of the moon penetrated into my haven and pretended to be a shawl of silver. The profound blue of the sky was rather an infinite ocean where the stars were twinkling.

Meditating like this, I abandoned my dense form and penetrated into ecstasy. There is no better pleasure than the feeling of oneself as a detached soul, for then, past, present, and future are brethren within an eternal now. Filled with a delectable, unutterable, and indescribable spiritual voluptuousness, and impelled by the mysterious force of longing, I arrived before the doors of the temple.


Magic of the Runes: Proton and Antiproton

Proton and Antiproton

The real existence of the proton and the antiproton was demonstrated absolutely in the year 1955 by a physics team from Berkeley. When a plate of copper was bombarded with the energy of 6,000 million electronvolts, two marvelous nuclei of hydrogen were extracted from the target. They were identical but of opposite charge: one positive proton and the other negative.

By all means it then becomes clear that half of the universe is constituted of antimatter. If the modern wise men could find anti-particles in the laboratories, it is because they also exist in the profound depth of this great Nature. In no way can we deny that to detect the antimatter in space is frightfully difficult.

Magic of the Runes: The Harpies

The Harpies

Aeneas, the epic Trojan paladin, was submitted to frightful new ordeals while navigating with his people towards the marvelous lands of the ancient Hesperia.

Ancient traditions, lost within the night of the centuries, tell us that, while they were upon the open sea, the dreadful forces of Neptune arose a terrible tempest, which (thanks to God) did not sink their ship. However, it did cause Palinurus, who was the most skillful of the pilots, lose his bearings in mid-ocean, after passing through three long days of darkness and three starless nights.

Magic of the Runes: Rune Sig (Sigel, Sowelu)

Rune Sig (Sigel, Sowelu)

sigIt is difficult indeed to depict the enchantment, the inebriation of ecstasy, the communion of Saints in the nights of meditation. In one such night, the Patriarch Jacob, living reincarnation of the resplendent Angel Israel, while resting his head upon the Philosophical Stone, read within the stars the promise of innumerable descendents, and he saw between heaven and earth the mysterious septenary ladder through which all the Elohim ascend and descend.

To experience the Truth, the Reality, or “That”... is only possible when we are absent from the “I.”

On the day of the Lord, I was inspecting, searching, inquiring into the mysteries of my own final hour. I saw and heard things that the profane and profaners are not allowed to comprehend. Then, I directly experienced the last stage, the setting of the “I,” the catastrophic end of “myself.”

Magic of the Runes: The Ain Soph

The Ain Soph

It is necessary to comprehend and urgent to know that within the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, three perfectly defined aspects exist.

The first one of these aspects is that which is called Essence. In Zen Buddhism, this Essence is denominated Buddhata.

The second aspect is the personality. This aspect in itself is not the physical body, even though it utilizes the physical body for its own expression in the tridimensional world.

The third aspect is the devil, the pluralized “I” within each one of us, that is to say, the “myself.”

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