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Magic of the Runes: Runes Dorn and Thorn (Thurisaz)

Runes Dorn and Thorn (Thurisaz)

dornJust a few days ago, it occurred to me to visit the Temple of Chapultepec in Mexico once again.

A certain sister was humbly bowing herself before the door of the temple, thus imploring for admission. These types of sincere supplications are always heard.

Master Litelantes and I entered behind that supplicant. Frankly, I cannot deny that I advanced filled with profound veneration and devotion, walking upon my own knees, as many penitents do. Thus, in this way, I ascended each one of the steps of the sanctuary.


Magic of the Runes: The “I”

The “I”

You, who with mystical patience have listened deeply to the arcanum of the mysterious night; you, who have comprehended the enigma that is hidden in each heart, as well as the sound of a far away carriage, of a vague echo, of a slight sound that is lost in the far off distance... listen to me.

In those instants of profound silence, when forgotten things emerge from the bottom of the memory, in those forgone times, in the hour of the dead, in the hour of repose, you will know how to study in depth this present chapter of the Fifth Gospel, not only with your mind, but also with your heart.

As if into a cup of gold, I pour my sufferings into these lines, sufferings of past remembrances and fatal disgraces, sorrowful nostalgia of my soul inebriated with flowers, mourning of my heart, sad from festivities.

Magic of the Runes: The Cruel Enchantress Circe

The Cruel Enchantress Circe

Ancient traditions of Latium narrate:

"You too, Caieta, nurse of Aeneas, have given by your death eternal fame to our shores; the honor paid you there even now protects your resting-place, and your name marks the place where your bones lie, great Hesperia, if that glory is of any value.

"Good Aeneas duly performed the funeral rites and heaped up a barrow for the tomb, and when there was calm on the seas, he set sail and left the port behind him. A fair breeze kept blowing as night came on, the white moon lit their course and the sea shone in its shimmering rays. Keeping close inshore, they skirted the island of Calixto where Circe, the daughter of the Sun, lives among her riches... with her irresistible herbs, the savage goddess had given to men the faces and hides of wild beasts."

Magic of the Runes: Rune Os (Othila)

Rune Os (Othila)

olinIt is urgent, indispensable, and unpostponable that we deeply study the problem of sexual transmutation for single people in this 1968-1969 Christmas message.

Innumerable letters from many single students suffering from nocturnal pollutions constantly arrive to this patriarchal headquarters of the Gnostic Movement.

Certainly, nocturnal pollutions are something filthy, dirty, and abominable. We always answer that the medicine against such subjective states is sexual magic, the Maithuna.

However, we must clarify this matter. While we remain very alive, in other words, while we remain with the ego existing in the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness, erotic dreams inevitably will continue.

Magic of the Runes: Origin of the Pluralized “I”

Origin of the Pluralized “I”

My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. - John 7:16

Listen to me: you must study in depth with your mind and your heart this revolutionary chapter of this 1968-1969 Christmas message. The Elohim (holy Gods) produced man from themselves (through modification), in their likeness ... He (the collective Deity) created them (the collective humanity or Adam) male and female.

The Protoplasmic Root Race from the Sacred Island (located in the Septentrion) was truly their first production. It was a tremendous transformation of themselves (the Elohim), through themselves. These productions were purely spiritual existences. Behold here the Adam Sollus.

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