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Magic of the Runes: The Puncta

The Puncta

Very profound scientific analysis has come to impressively, convincingly, and decisively demonstrate that the atom is in no way the most infinitesimal particle of matter.

Atomic physicists have created the dogma of the atom, and they firmly and irrevocably proceed to unappealably excommunicate, accurse, and throw their imprecations and anathemas against any and all attempts to delve further.

We, the Gnostics emphatically and solemnly affirm that matter is a compound of specific objects that are correctly defined and known by the name of puncta.

Our scientific theory will factually create a schism, a discord among academic people, but the truth must be uttered. We need to be frank and sincere and to once and for all put the cards upon the table.


Magic of the Runes: Return and Transmigration

Return and Transmigration

Ancient traditions tell us that Aeneas the Trojan, while in exile with his people, was sheltered for a time in the mountain range of Ida until the Greeks had to abandon ancient Troy.

When the Hellenes abandoned the heroic ruins of proud Ilium, Aeneas built a fleet. Weeping, he left the shores of his native land, its harbors and the plains where the ancient citadel of Troy had once stood. Now it lay smoking on the ground, transformed into black ruins.

The wind blew and the sweet sail swelled under the light of the full moon, while the oar, struggling with the smooth marble, carried the hero, with his fleet and his people, to the shores of Thrace. It was a savage country, yet he hoped to find a welcoming land, since the Thracians had ancient ties with the elder Priam.

Magic of the Runes: Rune Is (Isa)

Rune Is (Isa)

isisWhen we profoundly analyze the Rune IS, with mystical astonishment we discover our own Being, the Innermost.

The Testament of Learning says:

Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn.

In the profound night of all ages, there, in the sunny country of Khem, the Rune IS was studied within the concealed Egyptian Temples. Their paradigm always included the bipolarity of man-woman, masculine-feminine. It is clear that ISIS is the outcome of this paradigm, which is the sacred name of the Eternal Mother Space.

Magic of the Runes: The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg

In the beginning of this century, Einstein, the famous author of the Theory of Relativity, conceived in his genius mind a curved, finite universe, enclosed like an egg. The tremendous exclamation of this extraordinary man still comes into our memory. He said, “The infinite tends to a limit.”

It is not ignored that later on, Edwin Hubble, at the famous Observatory at Mount Wilson, discovered with great astonishment that all the galaxies that abide in the infinite space are moving away from each other at fantastic velocities.

This is an undeniable fact. Disgracefully, George Lemaitre did not know how to comprehend this, and in searching for causes, he arrived at mistaken conclusions.

“If the universe is in a constant expansion [he absurdly explained] it is because it exploded from the center of a primeval atom in a foregone day.”

Magic of the Runes: The Oracle of Apollo

The Oracle of Apollo

After the royal and sacred funerals of Polydorus, the epic warrior who gloriously fell among hamlets and bucklers in a bloody battle, Aeneas the Trojan cut through the boisterous and dreadful sea with his fleet and people. Sailing swiftly, he arrived at the land of Delos, a land of many Hyperborean traditions. Then, blazing with the flame of faith, he consulted the Oracle of Apollo, wisely built upon the hard rock.

Herodotus, in his Histories, Book IV (sections XXXII and XXXIV), comments that the Hyperboreans, who were the ancestors of the Lemurians, periodically sent their sacred offerings wrapped with wheat-straw to Delos. Such venerated offerings had their sacred itinerary very well-marked. Firstly, they passed into the country of Escita, and then towards the Occident, to the Adriatic Sea. This was similar to the route that was followed for the pursuit of amber, from the Baltic sea until the boisterous river Po, then to the Italic Peninsula.

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