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Magic of the Runes: The Ten Rules for Meditation

The Ten Rules for Meditation

Scientific meditation has ten basic, fundamental rules. Without them, emancipation and liberation from the mortifying shackles of the mind is impossible.

  • 1st Rule: Before the arising of any thought, be completely conscious of your psychological mood.
  • 2nd Rule: Psychoanalysis: investigate the root and origin of each thought, remembrance, affection, emotion, feeling, resentment, etc. as they emerge from the mind.
  • 3rd Rule: Serenely observe your mind; place perfect attention on all mental forms that appear on the screen of the intellect.
  • 4th Rule: From moment to moment during the common and current course of daily life, remember and recall the “sensation of contemplation.”
  • 5th Rule: The intellect must assume a psychological, receptive, integral, uni‑total, complete, tranquil, and profound state.
  • 6th Rule: There must be continuity of purpose, tenacity, firmness, constancy, and insistence in the technique of meditation.
  • 7th Rule: It is commendable to attend the meditation rooms of the Gnostic Lumisials anytime we can.
  • 8th Rule: During any agitated or revolving activity, it is peremptory, urgent, and necessary to convert ourselves into watchers of our own mind, to stop at least for an instant to observe it.
  • 9th Rule: It is indispensable and necessary to always practice with closed eyes, with the goal of avoiding the external sensory perceptions.
  • 10th Rule: Absolute relaxation of the entire body, and the wise combination of meditation with drowsiness.

Magic of the Runes: The Tragedy of Queen Dido

The Tragedy of Queen Dido

No one can deny that the Eternal Mother Space has two rival aspects: Venus and Astaroth, Heva and Lilith, Sophia Achamoth and Sophia Prunikos.

Let us now talk about Venus—or it is better if we say, let us talk of Astaroth, which is its negative aspect, and Prakriti’s tenebrous antithesis in Nature and in the human being.

Long ago, over many centuries, we find how the heart of Queen Dido became inflamed by the cruelty of Kali. The unhappy sovereign did not want to comprehend that her passion was contrary to the will of the Holy Gods.

Magic of the Runes: Rune Ur (Uruz)

Rune Ur (Uruz)

urAfter searching and lurking within the Akashic records of Nature from a height within the infinite space, I could verify for myself that the Moon is the mother of the Earth.

Now, with the open Eye of Dangma, I will submerge myself within the Great Alaya, the famous super-soul of Emerson, the soul of the universe. I invite you, beloved reader, to study in depth this chapter. It is necessary to meditate on it, to go deeply into its content, to know its profound significance.

If you ask me who I am, I will answer you... I am one of the seven Amsha-Spentas of the Zoroastrians, who was active in the past Mahamanvantara that was named the Lotus of Gold.

Magic of the Runes: The Story of Master Meng Shan

The Story of Master Meng Shan

According to old traditions now lost in the night of the centuries, the Chinese Master Meng Shan knew the science of meditation before the age of twenty.

It is stated by the yellow-skinned mystics that from such an age until thirty-two, the cited Master was studying with the Eighteen Elders.

Certainly, it is interesting, pleasant, and worthwhile to know that this great illuminated one was studying with infinite humility at the feet of the venerable elder Wan Shan, who taught him how to intelligently utilize the powerful mantra Wu. This mantra is pronounced like a double U, and wisely imitates the howl or sound of a hurricane when blowing through the rifts of the mountains.

Magic of the Runes: The Country of the Dead

The Country of the Dead

Aeneas, the most excellent Trojan man, olympically and solemnly ascended the august mountain of Apollo on whose majestic summit the mysterious cavern of the Pythoness was found.

Close to the temple, there was the sacred forest of the third aspect of the Divine Mother Kundalini, an ineffable jungle of Hecate, Proserpine, Coatlicue.

It was a hermetically sealed sanctuary with one hundred doors, a glorious entrance on which Daedalus, the skillful sculptor, engraved marvelous embossments with his extra-ordinary mastery.

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