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Magic of the Runes: The Purgatorial Region

The Purgatorial Region

The eagle with plumage of pure gold that carried Ganymede away in order to bring him to Olympus (so he could serve as a cupbearer to the Gods) always has the custom of hunting in the Purgatorial region.

This majestic bird of the Spirit, while making marvelous turns, terrific descents like lightning, takes the soul away to the sphere of the fire in order to burn with her. Thus, they are both converted into a living flame.

Let us remember the powerful Achilles who turned with fear because he did not know where he was. This is because his Mother took him away from Charon and transported him asleep to the island of Scyros, where later the Greeks found him and took him away.

Those times in which I abandoned the Averno in order to enter into the Purgatorial region come to my memory.

Magic of the Runes: The Temple of Hercules

The Temple of Hercules

The Sanctuary of Hercules (the Christ) that gloriously shone in submerged Atlantis was a resplendent companion to the marvelous Temple of Jagrenat (of whose many marvels A. Snider wrote in the formidable work entitled La Création et ses mystères dévoilés).

Such unforgettable times of profound poetry are those in which the King Evander eloquently explained to Aeneas, the eminent Trojan man, all the delectable enchantments of the sacred banquet offered in honor of Hercules.

If the God Vulcan (the Third Logos) truly deserves abundant praise, then what would we say of the Lord, the Christ, the Second Logos, Hercules?

Magic of the Runes: Rune Hagal

Rune Hagal

hagalLet us now talk of Elementals, Gods and Devas, Sparks and Flames. May the Muses inspire us!... May we play the lyre of Orpheus.

Let us remember the old Tiber himself, rising as a mist from within the waters of the river that has his name, in order to speak to Aeneas.

“O you who are born of the race of the Gods, who are bringing back to us the city of Troy saved from its enemies, who are preserving its citadel Pergamum for all time, long have we waited for you in the land of the Laurentines and the fields of Latium. This is the home that is decreed for you. This is the home decreed for the Gods of your household. Do not give up. Do not be intimidated by the threat of war. All the angry passions of the Gods are now spent. But come now, so that you may not think what you are seeing is an empty dream.

Magic of the Runes: The Pines - The Nymphs

The Pines - The Nymphs

Iris, divine, ineffable maiden, messenger Goddess of winged feet, you are the one who protects initiate women who work in the flaming forge of Vulcan.

Was it perhaps not you, oh sublime beauty, who delivered the celestial message from Juno, Goddess of initiate matrons, to bold Turnus, the warring Rotulian chief commander?

After the solemn libations, the war-like Turnus, as a new Achilles, was soon moving threateningly across the open Trojan plain with his whole army. This is how it is written and known by the divine and human.

However, the Trojans were neither tardy nor weak. They reunited themselves at once in the war room, and with a great clamor they streamed into the battle line.

Magic of the Runes: The River Lethe

The River Lethe

The Divine Mother Kundalini always accomplishes Her word. Therefore, I waited with supreme patience for the given day, date, and hour [mentioned in Chapter 35].

The Purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to leave from there; I was longing for my emancipation.

Caton, the Angel of Purgatory, fights in those molecular regions for the freedom of souls.

This Angel greatly suffered when he lived in this world. Any initiate knows that when in Utica, Africa, this being was a man who preferred death to a life under the chains of slavery.