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Magic of the Runes: Dedication


In memory, honor, and glory of the Latin-American Ecumenical Gnostic Congress, I write this 1968-1969 Christmas Message.

I write the fifth gospel, I teach the synthesis religion, which was the primeval religion of humanity, the doctrine of Janus or the doctrine of the Jinns. This is the religion of wisdom of the ancient sacerdotal colleges, of the Gymnosophists or solitary Jinns from Central Asia, of the Iohanes, Samoans, Egyptian ascetics, ancient Pythagoreans, medieval Rosicrucians, Templars, primeval Masons, and other more or less known esoteric brotherhoods, whose list would occupy a dozen pages. This is the secret doctrine of the Knights of the Holy Grail.  This is the living stone of Jacob, the Lapiz-Electrix (Magnes), dialectically explained.

Magic of the Runes: The Divine Mother and the Holy Gods

The Divine Mother and the Holy Gods

O Virgin Mother, Daughter of your Son,
more humble and sublime than any creature,
fixed goal decreed from all eternity,
you are the one whom gave to human nature
so much nobility that its Creator did not disdain
His being made its creature.  
That love whose warmth allowed this flower to bloom
within the everlasting peace -
was love rekindled in your womb;
for as above, you are the noonday torch of charity,
and there below, on earth, among the mortals,
you are a living spring of hope.  
Lady, you are so high, you can intercede,
that he who would have grace but does not seek your aid,
may long to fly but has no wings.  
Your loving-kindness does not only answer the one who asks,
but it is often ready to answer freely long before the asking.  
In you compassion is, in you is pity,
in you is generosity,
in you is every goodness found in any creature.  
This man - who from the deepest hollow in the universe,
up to this height, has seen the lives of spirits, one by one -
now pleads with you, through grace,
to grant him so much virtue that he may lift his vision higher still -may lift it toward the ultimate salvation.  
And I, who never burned for my own vision
more than I burn for his, do offer you all my prayers -
and pray that they may not fall short -
that, with your prayers, you may disperse
all of the clouds of his mortality
so that the Highest Joy be his to see.  
This, too, O Queen, who can do what you would,
I ask of you: that after such a vision,
his sentiments preserve their perseverance.
May your protection curb his mortal passions.
- The Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto XXXIII, verse 1-37, by Dante Alighieri

Magic of the Runes: Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

There is a bold hypothesis that suggests the existence of a phantom universe similar to our own: “Only a very weak interaction between these two universes exists, therefore we do not see this other world that is mixed with our own.”

Revolutionary, scientific Gnosticism goes much further into this question, emphatically affirming the harmonious coexistence of an infinitude of parallel universes.

The radical exclusion of this transcendental, scientific concept would leave a considerable number of unclassified events without a logical explanation, such as mysterious disappearances, etc.

Magic of the Runes: Rune Fah (Feoh, Fehu)

Rune Fah (Feoh, Fehu)

Beloved reader, we have stated very solemnly in our former Christmas messages that the poor intellectual animal is only a chrysalid, and that which is called man must be formed and developed within it.

Certainly, the Solar Fire is necessary for the possibility of becoming human to be created and developed within each one of us.

Fohat is the generative force, the central, living, and philosophical fire that can originate the authentic and legitimate mutant, the real and true human within the cosmo-biology of the rational animal.

Many types of fire exist; let us remember the Lights of Saint Elmo seen during tempests.

Magic of the Runes: Pennate Gods

Pennate Gods

Four times did the Horse of Troy violently bump against the threshold of the unconquerable gate, and four times did the clanging of armor echo within its monstrous metallic womb. However, the Trojans paid no heed and pressed on blindly, accursed by a God’s will.

Then the Prophetess Cassandra, possessed by the Divine Spirit, convulsively agitated, and with her hair in disorder opened her lips to foretell their tremendous doom. But Apollo had willed that these would be lips that the Trojans would never believe.

Oh Cassandra! You of marvelous prophesies, how horrible was your karma. With hair streaming, you were dragged in a cruel, pitiless, inhuman, and barbaric way, while in Priam’s palace the ferocious and sanguinary Acheans tore down the august towers, dismantled the venerable walls, and profaned everything with their homicidal bronze.